Maggie Renea

Maggie Renea

Maggie has been adopted! Her new family had been following her posts online and subsequently fell in love with her when they met her at our recent event at Cold Beer Company. Her new home will have two skin siblings who clearly adore her, and I genuinely believe Maggie couldn’t have found a better family.  Before we left my place for her new home, she packed a few of her favorite things to bring along, and shortly after arriving she had already unpacked and was showing off her tennis ball and what a clown she can be. Then, posing for the family portrait, Maggie did what she does best: gave lots of kisses! I hear there’s a park only a couple blocks away from her house and that she’ll get to visit it quite a lot. She’ll like that, but what she’ll like even more is getting to sleep in the bed with her skin siblings.

It was a joy sharing my home with Maggie. Congrats to her and her new family. And happy tails, Maggie!

Please welcome Maggie Renea to our rescue family. When Maggie’s family decided to go their separate ways, it was not a pleasant trip. A lot of anger, hurt and sadness followed and Maggie was loaded up and taken to her vet for boarding. She stayed there for eight months wondering what part she played in all this. Every week, Maggie sat in boarding and wondered “Does anyone even care? Do they remember that I am here?” Weeks turned into months and sadness turned into depression. Maggie had overheard that her mom had gotten two new dogs and she heard that her old dad had passed away, and then Maggie heard the truth… No one was coming for Maggie. Not ever. How could that be? How could she have waited all that time?

Maggie had been a pawn in a divorce and the game was over. Maggie’s mother was tired of paying boarding for a Bulldog that had been replaced. But Maggie’s tale does not end there. Thanks to great friends that reached out to rescue, Maggie has left the clinic and will find herself a loving family that appreciates a full-figured Bulldog that loves to get dressed up and can sprint like the wind if she has someplace to go. Maggie celebrated her birthday on December 6 in boarding and she turned 7 years old. Maggie hopes to be home for Christmas, but if not, she will be in a foster home with a family that will love and adore her and let her eat cookies with Santa.

12/13/16 Update:  Maggie Renea arrived at her foster home yesterday. She’s enjoying life outside a kennel for the first time in 8 months and is exploring the toys. So far, she favors the tennis ball.

12/28/16 Update:  Happy holidays from Maggie Renea. She’s been with me two-and-a-half weeks now, and I’ve fallen in love with this round, little girl. And, yes, she is round! On a diet is Maggie Renea, but her girth doesn’t limit her yoga moves, which I’ve never seen a dog do. She really does regularly sit in a downward dog. Maggie Renea would love to be a couch potato if only I’d let her on the furniture. Now she has to settle for being just a potato, and her shape matches the description. Maggie Renea absolutely loves her walks, and chasing after a tennis ball is her idea of fun. She is definitely dog friendly and not a chewer. We’ve had no accidents in the house. She is housetrained, but will wee in her crate. Her crate is her safe haven, and I will usually find her asleep there a few times a day. Based on all of the above, I’d say Maggie Renea would fit in well in any household.

1/10/17 Update:  Maggie Renea is as good as gold. What can I say about her? Only praise. After spending a lonely eight months in a kennel, she has known nothing but love in my home the past month, but she’s hoping to find the same in a furever home.

She doesn’t realize she’s seven as she’s full of energy. She’s also known for her occasional naughtiness. She wants on the sofa and bed and WILL find away up onto them, regardless of however creatively I block them.Trademark bulldog stubbornness. In her pastime she also enjoys humping my leg and my other foster Courtney, but my reprimands (and particularly Courtney’s) are beginning to convince Maggie Renea that it’s not ladylike. Perhaps a strange analogy, but, if Maggie Renea were a house, she’d be move-in ready.  Housetrained, quite healthy, doesn’t jump up on people, and is not a chewer. She’s a youthful 7-year-old, is playful, enjoys her walks and chasing tennis balls, but is also contented being loved and cuddling. Maggie Renea is a doll.

2/5/17 Update:  Hi everyone!  Maggie Renea here.  Feeling very sad, lonely and confused while waiting 8 months in a kennel for my family to return, I turned 7 years old.  It started out as a bad year, but I’m so happy to be part of a family again in my foster home as I wait for my furever one.

Can I be your valentine?  I have a big heart and loads of love to give.  My previous family might tell you that if I knew where they were, but my foster mum will vouch for me.  She seems to be really taken with me and calls me Mae-Mae.  She sings that name in a sweet voice, but she also likes to call me Maggie-No.  I like that name less because she doesn’t sing that name in such a sweet voice.  I don’t know why.  Often she calls me that when I stubbornly jump on the bed and plant my bum square on her pillow.  It’s so soft and comfy that I don’t understand why foster mum doesn’t want my bum to be happy.  She can be a strange one. I love my walks.  I don’t know where the compulsion came from, but I really enjoy lunging at cars as they pass and trying to chase after them.  It seems like such a fun game to play, but I noticed my name is Maggie-No when I do that.  Foster mum is unsteady on her feet afterwards.  I’m curious of everything and want to say ‘hello’ to all the other dogs as we go.  I like to think they’ll play with me because my fur-mate at home just calls me Buzz-Off in doggie language.  But cuddling with my foster mum is nice, and my name changes back to Mae-Mae again.  When I’m excited I like to play with toys, and I get lots of smiles and attention.  I also get attention when I hump foster mum’s leg, and — boom — my name goes back to Maggie-No.  But it’s fun and I love the attention so I do it anyway.

As happy as I am in my foster home, though, I really long for my furever family.  I’ve been waiting with foster mum for two months, but, added to the 8-month wait in the kennel, I’ve been patiently waiting for almost a year.  With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I’m hoping to be a valentine.  Call me Maggie-Renea or Mae-Mae or Maggie-No…I don’t mind.  I’m easily pleased. I just want to love.