Maggie Tayler

Maggie Tayler

After a very thorough search, I found my furever family! How exciting is that?

They said they are going to treat me like a princess for the rest of my life! They are totally in love with me. I mean, not to toot my own horn, but can you blame them? I’m the sweetest, most loveable, and most beautiful girl. 

I’m looking forward to hanging out at the lake, lots of road trips in the RV with my family and my new friend Peaches, who is also a Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue alumna. 

Thanks for taking care of me, Lone Star, and I want to especially thank Dr. Larsen for getting me all fixed up. 

Hello Bulldog friends. It’s me, Maggie Tayler, joining rescue today. I am not going to lie, for the last year I have thought about packing my bags and moving on.  And today was the day I did just that.

I have always had the same family and for the most part it was great. But things changed and the kids grew older, and everyone started to be gone more, and I found myself home a lot and that just was not working for me. Wandering around the house looking for someone just made me sad. I was always super excited when everyone came home, and we spent time together. But then Monday came back around and I was home alone. So, today I packed my stuff and joined rescue. 

My new family needs to be a family that will include me in everything. I like to go places, see new things, and do some cookouts. I like to walk around the block and visit with other dogs and cats. I have always loved everything else with fur. I am 7 years old, so my jogging days are over, but I can still play and chase a ball.  

So, if a senior lady fits into your lifestyle check me out. There is not one thing not to love about me, Maggie Tayler as cute as can be.

1/27/22 Update:  Just want to provide for you all an update with Miss Maggie Taylor.  What a week!  When Maggie T came to rescue she had a massive amount of inflammation in several areas along with a pretty mean eye infection and ear infection. Dr. Larsen gave her several tubes of magic potions to try, and miraculously they have already started to make a huge difference for Mags!  Maggie is feeling better than she has in a very long time.  Maggie is truly the sweetest gal around.  She is a bit voluptuous in form and certainly has the Shakira booty shake down, especially when she hears her bowl being filled with delectable vittles.  Maggie was recently switched to ProPlan sensitive skin and stomach and she is loving every little morsel. Of course, she gets just a tad of a little wet food topper for enhancement.  Maggie is rather big-boned.  She is 30 inches long.  She weighs in at a healthy 62lbs. Her days of living in a crammed crate are over.  She has quickly taken over the XXL ORVIS tempur pedic doggie bed at her current residence.  Maggie will be having a little cosmetic surgery on February 3rd at Doc Larsen’s. She will need a place to land afterwards.  She is looking for a great family who will be willing to host this amazing pup.  She will be ready to leave the Bright Star anywhere from Feb 6th to the 13th (just depending on how well her recovery goes).  She has already secured an Uber back from Bright Star to the DFW area – she just needs a place to crash after that.  Sofas and Xlarge doggie beds are highly desirable to Maggie.

Details about Maggie Taylor:

1. There is not an aggressive bone in her body

2. She loves her vittles – but needs the kind for sensitive skin and stomach

3. She is prone to ear infections so may need frequent ear cleanings and EnteDerm

4. She gets along extremely well with other dogs

5. She never barks

6. She never jumps up on humans

7. She enjoys going out to potty frequently because in her past life she was always having to hold it for way too many hours (poor girl)

8. She wants to share your couch with you

9. She is fully house trained and will let you know when she needs to go out

10. She walks great on a leash.  She enjoys moderate walks and has an awesome pink harness and leash that she sports around for the boys to see!

11.  She does not chew on anything, thus you can leave her out in your home unattended

12. Although she is 7, she appears to have no joint or hip problems and gets around better than a 48 year old human woman.

If you think that you are willing to bring Maggie into your home, please know that she may break your heart as Maggie will not stay a foster for long.  She will make the most awesome companion for anyone looking to adopt a beautiful and perfect English Bulldog.

Believe me, you will fall in love with her the moment she rolls over for a belly rub.

2/16/22 Update:  Foster girl Maggie Tayler heard it was Valentine’s Day, so she got all dressed up and got her valentine’s gift ready. Now, she just wants to know who wants to be her valentine!