Magnolia Blossom (now JoJa)

Magnolia Blossom (now JoJa)

Magnolia Blossom has been adopted and is now JoJa (think Georgia with a STRONG southern twang) Peach. She has great parents, a brother, a sister and a fur-brother named Butch. She will be spoiled and loved!

At 35 lbs (which is all muscle, not fat), I am ready for swimsuit season! I have had some babies in my day, but those days are behind me forever.

Yesterday, when I sat in Dr. Larsen’s lap, she whispered that I might need to get a little exercise and eat some fruit and vegetables. That is, IF I wanted to wear a two-piece this summer. I promptly told her that “round ” was a shape and she agreed that I was just about perfect.

I am about 1 1/2 feet tall, and just about that wide. I slipped and rolled down the hill yesterday and thank goodness, I had that extra fluff to protect me or I might have been seriously hurt.

My birthday is July 22, 2015, so I will be 5 this year. I am so excited for my birthday because I am I’m hoping to have my first pool party with my few family. I hope that they will just love me for me!

5/12/20 Update:  Unfortunately, Magnolia has been sick ever since she came into rescue. First, it was severe lung congestion. Now that her lungs are more clear, we can see that her heart is enlarged and her heart sounds are muffled. She has been much more lethargic the past two days and has not been wanting to eat or drink. Dr. Larsen started her on some Lasix today for the fluid. Tonight, I tried to tempt her with a scrambled egg,and a little baked chicken drizzled with syrup, but she still isn’t interested.

I picked her up this afternoon so she could spend the night at my house and we could keep an eye on her. She has an emergency appointment with the cardiologist tomorrow morning.

She is such a tiny and sweet girl. She deserves all the prayers and good thoughts she can get.

5/13/20 Update:  Magnolia Blossom spent the day at the speciality clinic undergoing all types of tests. Her blood pressure was very low, most likely because of the dehydration from not drinking. She also had some idiopathic head tremors today at the clinic, but again, most likely because she had not been eating or drinking enough.

So here is the news, and we think it’s good news, because it is all fixable! She has very severe bronchial pneumonia, and a mild enlargement of the right side of her heart, which we will just keep in check.

The reason for the sudden worsening over the weekend is that she most likely aspirated something into her lungs. Dr. Fields just kept staring at her X-rays today and even asked another vet to come in to look at them. She couldn’t remember seeing any scans this bad.

They put in a catheter and then we took Magnolia back to Dr. Larsen. There, they will monitor her, administer IV antibiotics, and give her nebulizer treatments. They will give the IV antibiotics for a few days, until her appetite improves, and then they will move her to oral meds.

Hopefully, in a few days, she will be back up and running and as good as new. Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes. They all helped!

5/14/20 Update:  She is currently getting her morning IV antibiotics. She ate some scrambled eggs and just a teaspoon of canned food.

She’s starting to gag up mucus, so at least things are starting to move out of there. Her breathing is slightly labored, but she’s staying pink. She seems more herself this morning!

5/15/20 Update:  She is doing better this morning and we moved her to liquid oral antibiotics. She had to be hand-fed her eggs and canned food mix with dry. She ate a lot more this morning. I am going to get her a harness – this one has no clue how to walk on a leash and I dont want to stress her. She is taking her nap now.

5/25/20 Update:  Sweet Magnolia Blossom is getting settled into her foster home and slowly recovering from pneumonia. We can tell she’s feeling a little better because her funny personality is coming out. She’s a shy girl, but she’s starting to warm up to us and the other dogs.

6/24/20 Update:  She thought we said spa day, not spay day…. Magnolia had her spay yesterday and is comfortably recovering in her foster home today. Thanks to Dr. Larsen and her team for taking great care of her!

Making quarantine friends

"Oh, heeey there, beautiful!" ~ foster girl Magnolia Blossom

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