I was so happy to meet everyone at last week’s Bulldog Bonanza at Hollywood Feed. Foster Mom and Dad said I was the star of the event, but they always say those kinds of things about me and my foster sisters.  

You will never believe who I met there… My new furever dad! We saw each other from across the room and fell in love instantly. I just couldn’t wait until we could finish that paperwork and I was his forever.  

You know, I loved my foster parents, but I knew it was temporary, so I was soooo excited to meet my dad and move on down to Austin. He even brought up my skin brother to ride along. We had to hurry and get home to watch the football game (I sure hope hot dogs are involved).

Thank you all who helped support me with your donations and thanks to Bright Star Veterinary Clinic for fixing me up and get ready to find my new furever family!


Where is that blood coming from? When I pee, it hurts and bleeds. The vet said I had a penile prolapse. I had one a few months ago and had it fixed, and now I have another one.

But things are different now with my family. There’s less time. Less money. And there’s a baby on the way. But they love me and want me to have a better future, so they contacted rescue. The rescue team drove right up and whisked me off to Dr. Larsen so I can get fixed ASAP. 

My name is Mando and I am 14 months old. My parents are big fans of the Mandalorian series… hence my name. 

I am potty and leash trained. I love to go on long walks, when it’s not so hot. I can sit on command and shake your hand too. I have always enjoyed being around kids and other dogs. I’m still a puppy, so I  still love to play.

My dad was crying as the rescue wagon left. I cried a little too. But I know we all did what needed to be done. Rescue will find me another amazing family to share my life.

First, we have that little penis problem to get fixed. I sure hope this never happens to me again.