Mandy Lynn

Mandy Lynn

Mandy Lynn here! You wanna know something? I’VE BEEN ADOPTED!!  I was getting a little worried there for a minute. Sometimes it is difficult to find a family that just wants one furbaby to love. I’m so happy my new furever home understands me. They are happy with just having one bully in the house. Oh, oh I forgot to tell you about my skin sisters. I have three now to love on me. With my younger skin sister;  I just roll over so she doesn’t get scared. She loves to rub my belly. I just want to say thank you to Lone Star and my many foster parents for taking such good care of me. I was really working hard on my social skills. My future plan is to get so many cuddles I can’t stand it. See y’all later,  Mandy

Today was the day I officially retired and joined rescue. My name is Mandy Lynn and I have had way too many babies in my five years. But no more. I ended up in a shelter and now in rescue. So no more babies for me!

But I know someone used to care of me. I still have a little glitter nail polish on my nails to remember them by. My tail is a little bit of a mess and will need surgery. Both of my ears are also infected and a have a couple of fatty breast tumors. Other than that, they say I am in pretty good shape.

I am a super sweet girl. I love to follow people around and smile at them. If you ignore me for a minute I will just roll over and show you my belly. Then you will have to stop and give me some rubbing and loving.

I am looking for a home where I will be loved and petted and live out my retirement. But it would also be really nice if you would occasionally paint my nails! I think it makes me look even more pretty.

5/2/19 Update:   Foster girl Mandy Lynn had four teeth removed and two hernias repaired this week. She is recovering at the vet’s office now and should be ready to move into a foster home next week.

8/14/19 Update:  Do you remember me? I came into rescue a while back and have been staying at the vet’s office. Don’t worry – I’m not sick. I was there because we didn’t have any foster parents who could take me home. [FYI – If you’re interested in being a foster parent to cute Bulldogs like me and you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you should apply to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. Our lives depend on it!].

So, like a good girl, I waited patiently. Well, today was my day. I finally got my own foster home! I’m just getting to know this foster mom, but so far, I have received lots of pets, belly rubs, toys to play with and I have so many soft places to sit! So, so-far, so-good!

I’ll write more this week, as I settle into my digs. I’m such a good girl, I’m just sure I’ll be able to find the perfect applicant for my forever home. If you are looking for a sweet, calm, cuddly girl who loves belly rubs, I may be your girl!

💗 Mandy Lynn

8/18/19 Update:   Mandy has been such an amazing house guest! While she plays, loves plush toys and can be a playful bouncy girl (mostly if we play hide and seek OR if treats and meal time are at stake), for the most part, this girl is a tried and true lazy, sleepy, people-oriented Bulldog. She is sweet, cuddly and has the deepest brown eyes that look at you with such love and appreciation (with exception of a pretty serious stink eye when I ‘suggested’ that she had another dog’s toy – LOL). This girl will be such a blessing to any family!

8/26/19 Update:  Are you looking for a loyal, loving fur baby to come home to who greets you with joy, a wiggle butt and a kiss? One who is content sleeping while you are away, excited to see you when you get home, and just as content to go right back to relaxing with that evening (after dinner of course!) with little need for that ‘exercise’ thing that others may demand?

Are you a 1-dog only family? Or, want to be a 1-dog only family? Then Have I Got the Fur Baby for You! 💕ME! 💕

I love people, of all ages, shapes and sizes; I love the bed, couch, floor, crates, car rides; I love napping, sleeping, resting, relaxing, chilling; and I love FOOD! Yours, mine, someone else’s… it doesn’t matter – I will share it all! I don’t love spending time outside – I go, do the business, and rush right back in. And I don’t see the need for other fur babies when you have ME! I am a happy- loving- wiggle butt girl who just wants to be in the presences of people, have a few toys, lots of treats, lots of relaxing time and LOTS of snuggles, loves and belly rubs.

If this sounds like a match, let me know by filling out an application. Or, if you are already in the process, let your adoption coordinator know that you want to see if Mandy Lynn is a match. I have freed up my social (aka nap) calendar to fit in some last-minute meet-and-greets.