Mars has his new forever family!  They love him so much and he loves all the attention!

Hello everyone! Today was a super sad day when my Mom told me good-bye.  I was supposed to be her forever—her heart dog—the first dog she had ever owned. And for 2 years it has been great. 

Then it happened. The job that allowed her to work from home was calling her back into the field.  It was not supposed to happen. We were happy working from home.  She worked and I watched TV.  But for the last few weeks I have been home alone for 12-14 hours at a time and I was sure lonely. I thought this apartment sure is small and how am I going on walks? I was miserable. I was so excited when my Mom did come home all I could do was spin in a circle and jump up and down.  

Then we had a family meeting. The life I was living was not the life for me.  I am a people bulldog. I want a back yard. I need to sit on laps and watch TV. I am a social butterfly. I had other fur friends that I now watched out the window playing. I wanted to play too!  

My Mom loved me enough to let me join rescue. She wanted me to find a family with a yard, and some kids, and who would maybe take me to a soccer game. I can play soccer, can’t get the entire ball in my mouth but I can chase it. 

My name is Mars. Every time someone would ask her why the name Mars, she would say “When I was a baby, she thought I was out of this world cute” and she named me Mars. So, if you see my Mom today she is crying and she needs a hug. I need a hug too, not because I am sad, I need a hug because I love, love, love people and hugging is the thing to do.

8/25/22 Update:  Mars is out of this world precious! He loves to go on walks and hasn’t found a bed in this house that he doesn’t like.  

He is my other little water baby, besides Wayland. He jumps in the pool, but a life vest is on its way and he is never not supervised outside. He is a pro at the doggy door. 

He is definitely my coworker under my desk during the day. He likes to play with his toys, Gus and Sunny Brook. He will be sad to see Sunny go to her adoptive home, but is hoping his forever home is right around the corner!