Martha Wyatt (now Millie)

Martha Wyatt (now Millie)

Sweet lil Martha Wyatt was adopted today! She was our first foster and will always hold a special place in our hearts. We could not have asked for a more perfect family for this sweet girl. Martha’s new name will be Millie which fits her well. She will be living the good life with Katie, her mom Donna, skin brother Jackson and fur sister Bella in her new furever home. This family has plenty of love to give and this sweet girl deserves every bit of it.

Hey Ya’ll!! Look into my eyes. Do you know me?  Look close, you may.  Did I get lost or did someone want to loose me?  I really don’t know. What I do know is yesterday, in the middle of the day, I was just walking down the street looking at all the beautiful homes and a nice lady drove up beside me and opened her door and said to me “Little Bulldog what are you doing outside wandering around on this busy street?” I saw her opened door as a invitation and I just hopped right in. I could not have found a better car to hop right into.  My new friend took me to her house and I had a official spa day!  I got in the garden tub, laid down, turned the jets on and oh my goodness did she scrub me all over.  I loved my bath, the warm towel, and I loved being loved on. My ears are a mess, my nails are really long and I have some odd things growing on me in different places, but today is the first day of the rest of my life and I am loving my new rescue family. Stay turned for a total transformation!  Love Martha Wyatt.

11/12/17 Update:  Martha is a petite, dainty sweet little senior gal that DOES like being around other dogs.  She has some arthritis so is not up for a game of chase, but she has no problem hanging with dogs of all shapes and sizes.  She has the most soulful eyes.  She really just wants a quiet, cozy place to crash.  She would an easy dog for anyone to take — she does potty on her blankets but seems to do just fine if her bedding is taken away.  I mean, come on….. look at this little face!!

11/20/17 Update:  It’s been an exciting week for me! I moved in with my new foster family on Tuesday night. My new foster parents have two Bulldogs of their own, and they don’t seem to mind me crashing at their house for a while. I don’t mind them either. They are more active than me, so I just sit by and watch them play around. I like the food they serve here, but I would prefer some table scraps. I always watch my foster parents eat, hoping they will throw me a piece, yet they never do. They do give us the yummiest treats though, so I guess that makes up for it. I enjoy being outside in the backyard and laying on the couch relaxing. I wasn’t a fan of the crate at first, but I have gotten used to it. I know I am only in there when my foster parents are asleep or not home, so I’m not missing much. I know there is a perfect furever home out there for me. In the meantime, I will just enjoy my time with my foster family.

11/26/17 Update:  I had a really great second week with my foster family! We celebrated my foster brother (and Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue alumnus) Biskit’s 7th birthday and I got to try my first Sprinkles Pupcake… it was delicious! Speaking of delicious, I LOVE to eat. I eat all my food, then attempt to eat all my foster brother and sister’s food when they aren’t looking. I don’t mean any harm by it… I am just trying to get back to my normal weight. Also this week, I got to spend a little time with my foster dad’s parents. They gave me lots of pets and back scratches… I think they like me a lot! Last night, my foster parents decorated their house for Christmas and somehow, I was turned into a tiny reindeer. I am really getting settled into my foster home and their routine. I have been such a good girl… no accidents in the house and no more barking or crying in my crate. I really hope Santa Paws brings me a family of my own this year for Christmas.

12/3/17 Update:  Martha Wyatt is the sweetest little Bulldog. She follows her foster dad around everywhere he goes and loves to lay next to him on the couch and snooze. She also loves being petted and will slap your leg with her paw if you try to stop petting her before she is ready. Her perfect family would be one that is looking for a Bulldog that is low maintenance and loves to be close to you. She has had no problems with our two Bulldogs so I think she would be fine with a family that has other dogs.

12/11/17 Update:  I had another great week with my foster family, but I do have a few complaints. First, the weather this week was colder than I like, which meant I wasn’t able to hangout outside as much as I wanted AND I had to wear a sweater to stay warm. Second, my foster parents started putting presents under their Christmas tree so now I can’t lay under it or scratch my back with its branches. Last, I had to get snippy with my foster brother… the nerve of him eating his own food out of his own bowl when I wanted that food… ughhh, boys. No worries though – my foster brother and I are still cool.

Besides these minor complaints, I had a really good week hanging out with my foster family. I’m still hoping Santa Paws sends me my own family for Christmas, but in the meantime, I am in good hands.

12/30/17 Update:  I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! Santa Paws was not able to bring me a furever family for Christmas this year, but he did bring me some treats and a toy of my own so I am not too mad at him. I have been enjoying the holidays with my foster family and I’m sure I will find my furever family in 2018!

1/4/18 Update:  Martha Wyatt has been with us for 7 weeks now, she is our first foster and man did we luck out! She is such a sweet girl! She spends most of her time relaxing on the couch or following around her foster dad.  She LOVES treats and will sit patiently by our two bullies waiting for us to hand them out. She doesn’t show much interest in our male and female bullies, she just kind of stays to herself or hangs out by us. She will be fine in a family with other animals. I know there is a perfect family out there for this sweet girl and when the time is right she will meet them.

1/15/18 Update:  I had a pretty good time last week. My foster mom was home sick, which meant I got to spend my days snoozin’ on the couch. Don’t worry ~ she is feeling much better now. I am not a fan of all this cold weather; however, I do enjoy cuddling with my foster dad because he keeps me warm and cozy. I can’t wait for spring to get here so I can hang outside and soak up some sun. Hopefully by then, I will be with my furever family.