Maverick has found his furever home!  That’s right ladies this handsome man is officially taken.  The lucky winners are from Dallas.  My new mom loves me to pieces and has always wanted an English Bulldog.  I now have two little fur siblings and a skin sister that absolutely adores me.  I have shown her I’m a great blanket that can lay across her.  My new home is an open concept and there is plenty of room to stretch my legs.  Thank you everyone for helping me with my journey.

Maverick was an owner surrender to a local shelter. Thankfully, the shelter saw he needed special care and allowed us to pull him today. Maverick’s ears are completely solid and calcified. We had to sedate him just to get blood, as well as clean and pack them. He is hurting. We’ll pack them for a month and then see if we can get them clean enough to go to surgery, which is probably the only option for him long-term. In the meantime, we’ll put him on oral and injectable antibiotics. Also, we think he might have tried to eat a fence… His mouth is not just full of rotten teeth, but wood chips and splinters that are surrounded with puss pockets. We’ll do a dental and wood removal tomorrow.

5/21/19 Update:  Maverick came into rescue with terrible skin and the worst ears some of us had ever seen. He was super sensitive and didn’t want anyone to touch his face for any reason. It was a task to medicate his eyes and ears. He had to be muzzled and held down each time. He was miserable.

But no more! After a lot of treatments and some surgery to clear out his ears, he has discovered a whole new life. He can hear, and see, and run and play. He has been spending time with other dogs at the clinic and is doing great with everyone.

He is finally ready to leave for his foster family and soon he’ll be matched to his very own forever family.

6/15/19 Update:  Foster boy Maverick had some of the worst infected ears we had ever seen. It took weeks of treatment, and a “Roto-Rooter” surgery to clean out his ears, but he can hear and his ears have stayed open. He will need regular maintenance and ear washings, but otherwise should be fine.

But the greatest thing is the change in his energy and behavior now that he is feeling and hearing normally. He is just the sweetest big boy!

7/31/19 Update:  I have been in my foster home for about a month now. I am working on being more social with other pups. I crave attention like no other and want to be around my humans. I am crate trained and potty trained. I have had only one issue with chewing on something that wasn’t mine. Foster pops loves me anyways. I still have my moments where I could behave better, and I still regular eye and ear maintenance, but I gotta olove to take showers and drying off is my favorite. Here is a video of me loving on my foster pops.