Max Ryan

Max Ryan

I can hear all the hearts breaking as I am now off the market! I have been adopted! This family heard about me and drove up from Austin today. Let’s just say it was love at first sight. I now have my very own furever dad, mom, and skin brother, as well as a fur sister and brother.

In the world of rescue, we see all sizes, shapes and stories… and this story is one of the saddest ones I can remember.

It all started with a Facebook post on one of those local community sale/giveaway pages. The post read, “Free Bulldogs to the first person who can get to my house!”

And there was the picture… of Honey Bee and Max. What could these two have done to push an owner to do that? The only explanation I heard came from the mother: “I am pregnant and watching them eat grosses me out.”

Honey Bee, 7 years old, has vision problems from years of being neglected. Her eyes are almost white. Max, 3 years old, seems confused, constantly shaking with his eyes darting around.

Last night, I left them together in a room with food, water and beds and turned off the main light to help them get acclimated. This morning, they were still huddled in the corner, with the food uneaten and beds untouched, watching my every move. This afternoon, they were still sitting there, side-by-side, just waiting. Waiting for something.

Please keep these two in your thoughts as we work to gain their trust and help them realize their lives just took a 180. They will know nothing but love from here on out.

7/19/19 Update:  I’ve been at Mays Manor a few weeks now and I’m doing great, if you ask me. My most favorite thing in the whole world is to be near my foster mom. I’ll even pass on eating if it means I get to be next to her, but then she’ll come sit next to me and I eat. It didn’t take long to get her number!

I am 100% potty trained and super sweet to all my foster siblings and they love me! I’m a pretty laid back fella who likes to just lounge and chill. Although I’m slowly trying to play with the youngest fur sibling. He is all over the place and just plays, plays, plays. Most of the time I just sit and look at him because he is crazy.

I really have no faults … except one. You see, I have some trust issues. When my foster mom first picked me up, I did not know her or her intentions, so I was a tad bit snippy. How did I know she was only trying to hook the seat belt to my harness? She quickly realized any movement toward the collar or face area was off limits. I would, however, let her wipe my face and ears with a wet wipe, but no products were allowed (maybe because I wasn’t sure what she was going to do to me). In my defense, in less than two weeks, I realized she is nice, so I’ve had no reason to defend myself. My foster mom thought she was sneaky when she got the ear solution in my ear, but I kinda let her do it.

7/23/19 Update:  Foster boy Max Ryan loves breakfast in bed! This is definitely his second favorite spot. His first being anywhere his foster mom is… ❤️

Max Ryan is smart to be fueling up because our Facebook auction goes live tomorrow! Are you ready? 😁