Max A. Million

Max A. Million

Hi everyone I want to tell all my fellow bulldog sisters and brothers that I finally got adopted by my forever parents.  I was really, really sad to have to say goodbye to my foster parents, Karen and Johnny. They have been so good to me and took excellent care of me the six months they had me in their home and lives. It was really hard for my foster mom, Karen as she was very sad to see me go but both of my foster parents knew that this time would come. I will always love them no matter what.

My new parents and Dawn and Bill are absolutely amazing and they fell in love with me immediately. They brought my new brother, Angus, to meet me. I can’t wait for play time with him once he gets to know me. My new parents live in Burleson and I’m so excited for this new journey. I hope all of my other rescue brothers and sisters find a furever home really soon.

My family had some life changes and they realized I needed more help than they could provide right now. That’s why I packed my belongings and headed out to rescue.
My birthday was Nov. 2 and I turned 5 years old. My family had three kids and I loved playing with them. From time to time, I went to the dog park and I loved all the dogs there and they loved me. I’m just an all-around fabulous fella.
I do have some medical things that need to be addressed. Some of the fur down my back is thin and some is missing. My nails are super long because I hate nail trims. I have an ear infection and my anal glands are bothering me. There’s even a little blood back there. And last but not least , my eyes need some attention. My eye lashes are curling in and they hurt.
Do I sound like a train wreck? Well, I’m not ~ I just have some Bulldog things that need to be handled by Dr. Larsen. Soon, you’ll see a brand new ME! Follow me as I make my journey through rescue and eventually find my new home. I am super excited at the thought of finding a family with other dogs for me to play with, and hopefully some kids, too.
When my dad said goodbye, he hugged my neck, told me he loved me and that I will have a wonderful new life. I said, “Dad, that is just what I am going to do!” Love and licks, Max A. Million
2/24/21 Update:  I joined my foster family one week ago and I just was getting settled in when snowmageddon hit us.
My foster mom and dad kept me warm and toasty during the snowstorm, even when the power went out. At one point, it was out for 24 hours. Brrrr… it was cold outside, but I just rode it out with my foster family and other fur cousins. We all did just fine, as we had plenty of blankets and heaters. I really didn’t mind the snow too much, but I didn’t stay outside very long as it was really cold.
My fur cousins are so nice and friendly. Their names are Dobby and Ladybird, and Ladybird likes to play with me. Everyone has been so welcoming and it’s great to be with a family again.
I’m good at letting my foster parents know when I need to go outside and I sleep in my own bed. I get a treat every day, especially when I give my paw for a good pet on the head or a good rub of my belly. They’ve already found my tickle spots.
I’ll visit Dr. Larsen this week and I hope she can help me with some of my health issues. I hear she is an awesome doctor. Stay tuned for more updates from me!

6/15/21 Update:  Hello, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday.  It’s really hot outside and I really like staying with my foster parents in their nice air conditioned house.  I’m doing really good and love to play with my toy duck.  I get a treat every day and I like to them my paw so they keep giving  them to me!   😀 I love to ride on their golf and I can jump up into the seat all by myself. I’m still looking for a furever home.   I hope there is someone out there who will take me home.

Stay tuned for further news from me, Max!

7/27/21 Update:  Max here with an update with my foster parents. I really love to play with my fur cousins and suntan on the deck. 

I’m all about getting lots of belly rubs and my most favorite thing of all is treat time.  Ruff, ruff… I love treats! While I’m enjoying my time here, I’m excited to find a loving furever family to call my own!