Maxwell Jones

Maxwell Jones

Today was all about me! Today, I found my perfect family. Now I have a brother and his name is Porter!  Porter is just like me; he loves to play like I do. That was what I was looking for: a best friend who loves to play and have a good time. 

My family got up early this morning and drove up from the Austin area to meet me. It was so exciting. It was an instant love connection. We took a short walk, rolled around on the floor and they told me just how handsome I was. I was more handsome in person than I was in pictures! 

So rescue family, I am out of here. I have moved and now, I have my very own Bulldog brother, a sweet little girl sister and a wonderful new family.

What was I supposed to do? I am a 19 month old happy and hyper boy. I was never the “calm, quiet, lazy” Bulldog they expected. Far from it. The vet suggested I might suffer from some anxiety disorder since I can’t seem to relax and chill. It is go, go, go all the time.

Though my family loved me deeply and shed tears as I drove away, we all knew it was best for me to find a home better suited for my personality. I have loved everyone I have ever met, but my over-the-top behavior can upset some dogs. It is hard for me to accept affection, because I don’t stay still long enough for you to cuddle with me.

I am looking for a home where they will love me for who I am and give me the time and help I need to settle down and enjoy life more. I am in good health, but do take Apoquel for my skin allergies. I have already been neutered, so as soon as Dr. Larsen examines me and gives me the all-clear, I should be good to go. 

I am Maxwell Jones and you better hurry up with those applications if you hope to be matched with a boy like me. 

6/21/22 Update:   This week, I went on a home visit to check out a new family who wants to adopt a Bulldog. What a fun day it was! 

I was the best ambassador for rescue. And wow, did that family love me, but their Bulldog? Not so much. That’s OK because I was just there to check out their place. I wasn’t wanting to stay. I am ready for a forever family though.

My forever family needs to have some other dogs who love to play… because I love to play! I will play until I can hardly stand up. My foster momma says I am perfect and I can stay with her forever. I do love it here, but I think I would love a permanent home even more.