The more I am around these dogs, the more I wonder: how do they know? Midas paced the floor for 30 minutes before his new family arrived. As soon as they arrived, he attached himself to their side. When they opened the door to leave, he ran across the yard and stood by the truck door waiting on them. Amazing!
And for Midas, today was an amazing end to a difficult few days. After several months with a family, he was returned to rescue. But we knew the perfect home for him. Today’s events proved it.
Midas, Luisa and her daughter are headed to San Antonio, where he will begin the next phase of his amazing life. Safe travels and best of luck, sweet boy.

In spite of our best efforts and those of the adopters, some adoptions were just not meant to be. Midas’s family spent months trying to make things work, but at no fault of Midas, he needed to return to rescue.

The oh-so-handsome Midas received the best Christmas gift a Bulldog could ever ask for… his very own forever family! Midas has a new mom, dad and a Bulldog sister named Gracie. Midas has limited vision so he’s hoping Gracie will show him around his new home and be the play buddy that he loves. Midas asked Foster Ma to say a very special thank you to Santa Paws for listening to his prayers and bringing him his happily forever after. You got it, buddy and you so deserve it. No more roaming the streets and countryside alone. Happy life, little guy!

Can you take a look at me? That’s right… get really close because I got lost and so far, no one has come to find me. Yesterday, I was wandering through a neighborhood that looked strange to me because there were not a lot of houses. But it must have been my lucky day because a nice lady stopped and picked me up.

She realized right away I was overheated. Heck, I was downright HOT. My new friend took me to her home, got me cooled down and started posting on social media… “Did you lose your Bulldog?” Well, so far, no one has came forward.

This morning, bright and early, an Uber driver (volunteer) named Darren pulled up and picked me up and now I am at Dr. Larsen’s. Dr. Larsen says I have a raspy sound in my chest, an ear infection and a skin infection. But she was taken by how sweet I am. The Uber driver Darren named me Midas, but if you know where my family is, and what my name is, please let my family know I am safe and where they can find me.

10/22/19 Update:  “Midas” means the power to turn anything into gold. Well, that’s what happened to me. I was found by a wonderful lady when I was walking the streets alone. She cooled me down and tried to find my family. No luck on the old family so she contacted Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue.

That’s when the Midas Touch used its power and turned my old life into GOLD. Thank you to my princess who took me from the street and to rescue. Now, I’m in the Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue family!

I’m about 4-years-old and a compact guy. No, not the kind you can carry in your purse. Just the kind that fits nicely in the chair with you for cuddling. In the curve of your back for sleeping. You know, the perfect compact size.

The few medical issues I had when I came into rescue have been taken care of and I am ready to start my new life. One of my eyes needed a little surgery, but that’s been taken care of and I am fit as a fiddle.

I’m not a “fast, run and jump” man. I like to take my time. See the scenery. Walk beside you. Be in the moment with you. I love to give and get attention.

I don’t remember how long I was on the streets, but I know I didn’t like it. I was used to a home and family. That’s my dream ~ to have a home and family of my own again. Remember the meaning of my name. I will turn your heart into GOLDEN LOVE!

11/20/19 Update:  Just thought I would update you on my new life. I am enjoying everything here. I had my eye surgery and it went perfect. My eye is as good as new! The only thing I’m tackling now is heartworm treatment. It’s nearly over. Yeah! It hasn’t stopped me from being myself and enjoying this great journey.

I’m a strong, 4-year-old boy who doesn’t let anything get me down. I was found on the street, but that’s over and I’m on my way to a new life. I’m a medium-size fella, about 48 lbs. Everything interests me. I’m not a lazy Bulldog. No, I like to get up and go!

I had my photos taken the other day and this is what happened: I did all the right things and got some great shots. Then I was DONE! So, when the lady laid on the ground to take another one, I just walked right up and licked her camera lens. YES, I DID!

Then I spotted the TREAT BAG. I walked over and stuck my head right in it…. but I got stuck! They tried to get a picture, but I was embarrassed and hid under a bush. Finally, I got it off and came out. I thought I was in trouble, but you will see in one of my pics, I got a belly rub instead.

I’m a fun fella. I like to be spontaneous and I will surprise you from time to time. I do have a very sweet side too. It’s my special side, when we settle down after play time or watching TV. I’m the best of both worlds!

A family with kids would be great… we could play and laugh together. I would also love a family of any kind, that will love and appreciate a wonderful boy like me.

After my heartworm treatment, I will be moving in with my foster family. They will love me and keep you updated on me.

Keep watching for Midas Man! Remember he’s spontaneous and will surprise you from time to time. Bye for now!  Midas Man

12/18/19 Update:  Midas checking in from my new B&B and I have to admit, it’s kinda nice around here. I didn’t know how good life could be until the great people at Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue saved me from living on the streets and gave me the best medical care and fixed up all my boo boo’s. Now I’m living the good life with my new foster Ma and Pa and I have lots of foster siblings to play with as well as a cat that I like to bark at. He just sits there staring at me until I’m tired of barking and I realize he’s not going to play with me. My foster Ma says I have to work on doing my business outside cause I never knew there was a difference before. I promise I’m working on that cause I know my forever family will want me to be the best Bulldog ever. Well, got to run now. I hear my foster Ma in the kitchen, and she needs to be supervised at all times in case she accidentally drops something tasty on the floor!