Miguel (now Moe)

Miguel (now Moe)

Miguel, who is now known as Moe, joined his pack!

This was seriously the most chill meeting of four dogs that we have ever seen (one pup stayed home to protect the house and is not in the pics). It was like Moe has always been a part of the pack. A few sniffs and he was accepted!

Moe now has a big, amazing, new family consisting of (big breath): a mom, dad, brother, fur brothers Mac, Charlie and Gunner, fur sister Sage, three cat siblings, chickens and parrots!

Moe was that foster dog who took a while to settle in at our house. He was totally worth the wait because we slowly saw this sweet guy’s awesome personality blossom. We were a little worried he might revert back when he was adopted, but all reports are positive! Moe walked in to his new home like he had always lived there!

I feel like we will be hearing many stories about the Bulldog partners in crime, Mac and Moe!

At the age of 4, I think I am just about perfect! My family really loved me, but decided I needed a family that had more time to take care of my medical needs. And my medical need is my eyes. I have what’s known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca in both eyes. That’s a fancy term for dry eye.

I’ve had two surgeries on my eyes, both for my lashes turning in and rubbing on my corneas. Those surgeries fixed that, but now I will need medication for both eyes forever. I take that medication like a champ. In fact, I sit and wait for it because it makes my eyes feel so much better. If you are wondering if I can see, of course I can. I can see everything.

I am now at Dr. Larsen’s and she let me sit in her lap. Laps are my favorite place to be. She said I had an ear infection and next week, I’ll be having surgery to “alter my ego.” Wink, wink…. if you know what I mean. After that, I’ll be looking through the applications to find a family that will be a perfect match just for me! I LOVE all the other dogs, but I’ve never met a cat. I do well with older kids~ not sure about young ones. Please follow my journey through rescue~ you’ll be glad you did!

6/8/20 Update:  Miguel is a very quirky boy. He has been with us a week now, yet he has not been wanting to eat, drink, go potty or play (he does love to snuggle though).

We have had foster dogs who have taken some time to adjust, but not like Miguel. We were actually worried about him and felt like we were failing at showing this handsome boy what the good life is all about.

He turned his nose up at eggs, treats, all dog food and even French fries! He would eat a little ground beef with spinach, but nowhere near enough to keep a boy his size full and happy.

Anyway, we both went to work on Wednesday and, as usual when I got home, the food I gave him earlier was still sitting in his bowl. I took him outside and he went straight out and went potty and ran back inside through the doggy door.

I followed him in and heard a dog eating. I looked at all the other dogs and they were just staring at me. Then, I looked over and Miguel was eating his food! I was so happy, I could have cried. Then he went looking for more food. I gave it to him and he ate that up too! Then he had a big drink of water and went outside to go to the bathroom again!

Miguel then proceeded to do zoomies around the couch. All I’m thinking is, “Did someone switch out my foster dog while I was at work?”

Miguel turned into a totally different dog during the few hours I was gone. I am right now the happiest foster momma in the world.