Mila found her furever family and is moving to Granbury to live the good life. She now has a fur brother and an amazing family!

Hey friends, it’s me Mila and today I hopped in the rescue wagon when it rounded the corner and I never looked back. I am fast like a racehorse. I was not sure I was supposed to go but there was no stopping me when I got my foot in the door.  

I am 18 months old, as cute as they come  and I have never met a stranger. My friend Odessa told me all about rescue and how I would find a sofa that was meant just for me. I love a sofa. I was never allowed on one, but I always wanted to sleep there.

It was not a great day for pictures because I was so excited. But in the near future I will send a lot more so everyone will know just how beautiful I am. Love everyone, Mila

4/29/22 Update:  Mila has been with our family a day and on her best behavior. She is a delight and absolutely TINY. Calm, affectionate, trained (no accidents) and just as happy as can be. She is ready for her forever home and will make an amazing family member.

5/11/22 Update:  Mila’s a great companion and has definitely been trained in commands and when to go outside. She’s got a a little sass in her, but living with three boy Bulldogs, she needs it.

She’s definitely perfected the head tilt.

5/18/22 Update:  Mila is a doll and would make an amazing companion for anyone! She has wonderful manners and the right amount of sassiness. She’s easy going and tiny!

She’s looking for a moderately active home and loves car rides, walks in the park and a lot of snuggling. When she moved in, her and foster boy Magnus became wonderful buddies immediately. They play for half the day and then are passed out for the other half.

5/25/22 Update:  Mila had another great week! This girl is an amazing companion and is very well-mannered, unless you steal her toy (like foster dog Magnus usually does).