Boing… boing… boing! Poor Mitch has just been bouncing from owner to owner, but Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue is putting a stop to that. We are determined to find him a loving family where he can actually unpack his luggage, get comfy and have a mommy or daddy who will love him unconditionally!

In June, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue volunteers pulled Mitch, a red brindled beauty, from a local shelter. We were told animal control officers had picked him up from the surrendering owner’s house where the Bully was apparently under a deck trying to keep cool. As you can imagine, keeping cool in Texas is not easy in the summer. In fact, the heat index was 105 degrees that day, so Mitch is lucky to have survived. The owner told the animal control officers that Mitch had been given to him by another family that had paid a breeder several thousand dollars for the dog. That family decided to give him up because the young dog had chewed a chair.

Unfortunately, because Mitch was neglected and not properly cared for in either home, he is now heartworm positive and is enduring long, painstaking treatment. However, “Mitchy Moo” (as his foster parents call him) is a still a spitfire and enjoys life ~ maybe more so now because he has air conditioning, a comfortable bed, loving attention and, heck, even food and water! Go figure.

Mitch is a smaller kid, about 50 pounds, and is estimated to be about 2 years old, so he has a lot of spunk. While he’s still being evaluated as he goes through his heartworm treatment “confinement,” we believe he would do better in a home with older children. He can be a bowling ball when he runs and he likes to hop, but perhaps more training can help calm him down. He has some type of fear of bicycles, so it’s possible he was abused or tormented by someone with a bike at one time. We will investigate that further, once he completes his heartworm treatment.

Mitch is great with spending time in his crate and never balks when it’s time to go back to his personal “condo,” as long as you have a cookie. He loves chow time and to entertain himself with toys, probably because he never had them before. He’s also a ham when it comes to the belly rubs and the Furminator ~ “brush me, brush me, brush me!,” his eyes seem to say.

When Mitch is ready to be adopted he will be up to date on his vaccinations, neutered and on a heartworm preventative.  His adoption fee is $550.