Mocha Marie

Mocha Marie

Christmas came early for Mocha…. This sweet girl that has been through so much, yet she was adopted today! She’s so excited to spend her days being loved by her new dad and snuggling with her new fur brother Woody.

Please say a prayer for Mocha Marie. A truck driver from Alabama dropped the dog off at a local shelter and now she’s in our care. She’s obviously incredibly skinny and in horrible shape, with infections and fever. Dr. Larsen is starting her on fluids now. 

Quick update from Dr. Larsen: She is so sweet, but can’t see a thing due to chronic eye trauma from her lashes. She was hiding her head in my lap. Can’t even describe her stool…. it looked like grease. She has infected ears and an upper respiratory infection. She shuffles instead of walking, probably because she’s unsure of everything. At this point, my best guess on her age is 3 to 5. Her teeth are not in such bad shape, but she was a little nervous and had pain with me handling her face. Her eyes and face are very tender, so I only got a quick peek tonight. 

10/28/21 Update:  With each day, Dr. Larsen is more convinced that all of Mocha Marie’s major issues are due to exposure to some toxic chemical. Besides the burns on her face and eyes, she has burns on her trachea. She also has some congestion in her lungs, but that is looking much better. She is no longer coughing up blood. Dr. Larsen thinks that was due to the chemical exposure and the damage to her trachea.

As you can see from her pictures, the burned skin is beginning to shed. The chemical burn aggravated an already present ulcer on her left eye. Even her eye lids and eye lashes are burned. It will take several days and treatments to get rid of all the dead/dying skin.  

She has a very bad pseudomonas infection in both ears. The vet staff have started her on an oral antibiotic, and they ordered a mixture of specific antibiotics, determined by the culture, to be injected in each ear canal. 

Her appetite has returned to normal, as has her stool. She is such a trooper through all this. She just wants to be loved and love you back.

11/3/21 Update:  Can you believe it? Look at my skin! 

A week ago I had all this nasty looking burned skin peeling off, but look at me now! The ulcer on my eye is so much better, too. And my ears are feeling better after they were packed with some special medicine. I feel amazing. Dr. Larsen has been using some special cream with Manuka Honey that someone donated to rescue. It has done wonders!

Thanks to everyone at Bright Star who has been caring for me and all those asking about me.

12/13/21 Update:   I moved into the B&B a few days ago. I’ve had a great time meeting the men of the house. One had a funny smell. They call him a cat. We past some pleasantries, then went on our merry ways. As you can see in my pictures, I’m healing really nicely. I absolutely love to have my belly and head rubbed. I walk great on a leash. I’m friendly with everyone I meet…. Big or small. Fur or no fur. I just want to be loved.