Monk has been adopted!! YAY for a boy who has been through so much. He and his new family are just about home and so his new life adventure begins!  Monk’s formal name is now Montgomery Churchill…a regal name for a regal bulldog.  I believe Monty, Monkey and Monk will still be many terms of endearment used for this sweet baby.  His wonderful family includes Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue alum, Mayday and two of the kindest bullie parents.  They have been patiently waiting for him as he went through knee and bladder surgeries, just knowing he was so worth the wait.  Monk will have the most amazing life and will never want for anything.  The best toys, treats and most of all, love and complete devotion.  Monk has truly left his paw print on his foster mom and he will greatly missed, As you can see in this picture, Montgomery Churchill turns to say thanks to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue…with the signature bullie smile we have all come to love and make us giggle.


2/5/16:  Please welcome 4 year old Monk to Rescue as an owner surrender. Stay tuned for more information on Monk and all our available Bulldogs.

2/15/16 Update:  Monk is one awesome bulldog!  He is 4 years old, weighs about 65 lbs but thinks he can fit in you lap.  Monk is such a happy boy and gets along great with his foster sisters, but for him, its his humans that make his day.  He loves his snuggles, kisses and scratches.  And he is such a wonderful boy, you can’t help but to give him everything he wants. He is a playful boy that enjoys chewing on a toy or two but will then chill with you on the couch for as long as you desire.  Monk is crate trained and house trained.  He will have to be on prescription dog food for the rest of his life due to his issues with bladder stones.  Monk would do best with a family with some bulldog experience and maybe no small kids due to his thinking he is a tiny chihuahua!

2/21/16 Update:  Monk has had a fantastic week.  We just love this sweet bulldog and he is quite the character.  Monk is a happy boy with the sweetest disposition.  He loves nothing more than to be loved on, nap and loved on some more.  He just looks up into your eyes like you are the greatest thing in his life with his big brown eyes.  They just melt you.  Monk is crate and house trained, gets along great with his foster siblings and just wants to be your pal.  Do you want to be his?

2/18/16 Update:  Monk can’t catch a break. He came to us having had bladder stones and was doing great, until this week when it was discovered he had another stone and also an ACL tear. But all will be well for Monk, soon, as he had both surgeries this week and is on the mend! He is so loving and submissive with his foster sisters, though if a dog gets in his face and challenges him, he doesn’t cower down. So he would do best with a four-legged sibling that is submissive and isn’t an instigator. Monk loves to snuggle and be with his people for some serious couch time.

3/6/16 Update:  Monk has left the clinic and gone home with his foster mom for his rehab. We wish him the best!

3/20/16 Update:  Monk had a fantastic week! His knee is healing from his ACL surgery and is getting stronger every day. We are so proud of him, as he is handling his resting period like a champ. He is definitely an outdoorsy boy, preferring to nap out in the warm sunshine with the breeze blowing around him. All that is missing is a bottle of coconut-smelling Tropical Tan oil and a boom box blaring the radio. Monk gets along great with his foster sisters, but really loves to be with his people. He is crate trained and house trained and loves to go for rides in the car. He will make some family very lucky indeed.

3/28/16 Update:  Monk had a fabulous week. He began his water treadmill rehab yesterday and is well on his way to a full recovery. He went 8 1/2 minutes on his first try, which made this foster mom very proud! Monk loves to be with his people and has adjusted very well with having to remain on the ground and not up on the couch due to his knee surgery. Of course, I’ve been spending quality time down there with him… couches are overrated.

4/5/16 Update:  Monk wants you all to know what a wonderful week he had! He played with his foster sisters and frolicked in the sun. His knee is doing so much better and you can definitely tell he is feeling like his old self. Monk began the water treadmill last week and is now doing twice a week, so he should be as good as new in no time. He was a little confused on what to do at first, but he is now getting the hang of the therapy.

4/10/16 Update:  Sweet boy, Monk… he had a wonderful week in his foster home. He is such an easy boy, fitting into the routine of the house so well. Monk is crate trained, house trained, no food aggression and just loves to be loved on. Water therapy is going very well, though he does get a little pouty while in the tank, but he definitely loves the towel drying off part! This is one happy Bulldog.

4/17/16 Update:  Monk is really bummed that the rain had to spoil today’s event at Cold Beer Company because it was going to be his first outing post-ACL surgery. Oh well… He will just nap the day away like his foster sisters. Like most Bulldogs, he thinks his paws are too precious to go out into the wet and squishy yard, but he is being his good-boy self. Monk’s week consisted of toy chewing, lots of naps, plenty of snuggle time and his twice a week water therapy. Each time he goes to a session, he breaks his personal best record, which makes foster mom very proud of this sweet boy!

5/8/16 Update:  Monk had another great week with his foster family. I’d definitely say the gorgeous weather made the big boy very happy. No one loves to lay out in the sun more than Monk, with pure bliss on his Bulldog face. He has had a little set back with his knee, but we are hoping for the best with a simple fix. Of course, he just takes it like a champ, though it’s hard to make him take it easy since he just wants to play. He loves, loves his people and his foster sisters. His new foster brother? Not so much. Monk is absolutely a ladies man!

5/22/16 Update:  Monk had the best week ever. He had his minor knee surgery on Monday to have the implant removed and he is doing awesome. Next week, we resume his water therapy, much to his chagrin, and then he will be ready for his very patient family! He is back to putting weight on that leg and we couldn’t be more excited. In the meantime, he loves his naps, chew toys and snuggling with his foster sisters.

5/29/16 Update:  Monk had a great week with his foster family and is very happy to finally have a dry weather day. The prince does not like the wet stuff and will avoid it at all cost. His foster sisters put him to shame when it comes to that sort of “toughness.” On Tuesday, Monk will resume his water treadmill therapy and will be finished after only three sessions. THEN, it’s countdown mode for this special boy to finally join his forever family.

6/7/16 Update: Monk has finished all his therapy and is about ready to take that next big step of moving in with a forever family. Let’s keep our fingers and paws crossed for him.