Moon Shine

Moon Shine

Moonshine has been adopted!   Yesterday was the day Moonie had been dreaming about—a family to call all his own.  It was love at first sight for his new Mom and Dad and for Moonie, too.

He pranced around, showed them exactly where he likes to be scratched and just flirted like crazy.  This beautiful and lovable boy is hard to resist.  Moonshine is going to have a wonderful and spoiled life and foster Dad and I couldn’t be happier for him.  Before you know it, he will have a new fur sister or brother as the family would like to adopt another!  Woohoo!

Moonshine has been just a joy to foster and we will miss this silly and playful little bulldog.  Happy tails, sweetheart!

I bet you laughed out loud when you read my name. That’s OK. I get that reaction a lot. But that’s my name and I love it. I even have had people ask me if I’ve ever drank moonshine. Well, no. That’s an alcoholic beverage that makes you do some really funny things. I heard it even makes your clothes fall off! I’ve got to stay away from drinks like that!

As you can see from my photos, I’m a good-looking kid. My fur looks fabulous. Red is my natural color, so I will be heading into spring, glistening in the sunshine.

I had a great family that felt like I needed more time than they could give me, with both of them working now. And I was really getting tired of having no one to talk to … so when they asked me if I would like a new family that could take me on walks and play ball with me, I jumped at the chance! You could say I was like “White Lightening” getting my stuff ready to join rescue.

I will be heading to Dr. Larsen’s soon for a few minor alterations, but mainly because she will let me sit in her lap. I am a huge lap sitter and face licker. I’m sure I’ll be a best friend to any Bulldog at the vet clinic that is looking for a new best friend. I am 5 years old and I have always lived with another dog, so other dogs are no problem for me. Cats? Well, I have never met one in person, but I have a feeling I might make some cat fur fly. I will get back to you at a later date after I meet a cat or two.

5/20/19 Update:  I picked up Moonshine yesterday and what a handsome and sweet fella he is.  Moonshine is five years old and about 60 lbs.  So far, introductions with his foster brothers and sisters have gone very well with no negative issues. Sweet, submissive and very loving is what describes this beautiful boy.  It is yet to be determined if he is house trained, but so far, so good. Stay tuned to hear more about Moonshine!

Ferris has had a great week in his foster home!  He continues to be the loving bulldog that he is, following you around to every room you go.  He simply adores his people.  He is getting along great with his foster siblings and learning that foster mom can love on the other dogs and not forget him.  Ferris continues to gain much needed weight and his skin improves daily.  He is a champ at taking his medicated baths and even having his nails done.  Ferris is a pleaser and all he asks for in return, is your attention.  We are still working on the house training, but he has had much improvement.

6/17/19 Update:  I’m checking in from the foster casa and what a week I have had! Playing, snuggles, treats and not in that particular order. I am so easygoing that I can do all three at once! I have lots of foster sisters and brothers at this joint and I get along with all of them. Foster mom says I’m the happiest fella she has seen in a long time. Well, I do try. What’s not to be happy about? Toys galore, soft couches to lay on and some great grub. I’m still working on my house training, but Im definitely getting the hang of it. I am told I am around 3 to 4 years old and weigh around 60 lbs. I’m a big boy with lots to love!

I do have some tremors/seizures from time-to-time, but with my new meds, I went 18 days without one! I don’t have the scary kind where it hurts me in the long run, but will need to remain on the meds for the rest of my life. I still mouth a little bit, like a puppy, so maybe no small kids with fingers to nibble on.