Big Moe checking in on my adoption day! Today, this great family drove all the way from San Antonio, just to make me a part of their family! Can you believe that? I know I loved them as soon as I met them. I have a mom and dad, a skin brother and sister and also a bunch of other animal siblings. I did hear them mentioning a dragon? Oh, well, whatever…I know I will love them because honestly, I love everyone.

OK, so the second exciting news of the day is …….. my family also adopted my best friend Macey Rey! We met at our foster home and quickly became super close so my new mom and dad decided two is better than one (even though I’m as big as two).

When we went to load up into the car, I found out my family bought me my own special ramp, so I can get up in the car by myself. I have a feeling my dream has finally come true for the perfect furever family.

105!  That’s what I heard Dr. Larsen scream. I thought she was talking about the temperature outside, but she was talking about my weight, as I stood stoic on the scales. I knew I had lost a few pounds because I had been on Weight Watchers for a while, but I had no idea I had dropped from 125 to 105 lbs.

My name is Moses and I guess you could say I have always been a big fella. When I was born, I was average. All my brothers and sisters were average too. We all grew up, but I kept growing. I don’t consider myself overweight – I consider myself big boned. I do enjoy eating. Treats are a plus and snacks are great too.

I have always lived with the same family and one could say I was a “ladies man” there. Now that I’m at Dr. Larsen’s, I hear she will be fixing that “ladies man” component next week. I guess I’ll soon be the “couch potato man.”

I am just as nice as I am big, I love everyone I have met, cats included. My perfect family will love a big fella and take me everywhere. They will understand that love comes in all shapes, colors and sizes – and “super-sized” means just more to love.

8/21/19 Update:  It’s me, Moses, aka Big Moe! I spent a few weeks at the vet’s office, getting some special treatment. Now, I have finally moved into my foster home. We all know I am on the bigger side, but did you also know I am a big teddy bear? I love to roll over onto my back when you want me to go somewhere I don’t want to go. My mission now is to lose a few pounds and start checking out all the applications that might be a good match for me. And just so you know, I am a stud muffin and sometimes I just get that “loving feeling” so foster mom says probably no small kiddos because of my size.

8/26/19 Update:  Big Moe here! So guess what? I got a new friend. Her name is Macey Rey and we are what you would call an odd couple. She is tiny and I am big, but we get along great even though she is a little bossy. I am just a big teddy bear and love to snuggle.

I am starting to learn some manners. I am still kind of pushy because, well, I can be. I also still love to roll over when you put a leash on me. But, I am a good boy when it comes to potty time and getting my medicines for my eyes. I can fit through the doggy door too! I also like to scrunch my face up sometimes and I don’t know why, but Foster Mom and Dad think it’s hilarious. I was sometimes a little scared to go outside but since Macey came, I have more confidence. I am looking forward to meeting a furever family that is patient and has time for a big lovable lug like me.