Napoli (formerly Napoleon)

Napoli (formerly Napoleon)

We rejoice as Napoli has found his forever family! Best of luck little fellow!

Napoli – formerly known as Napoleon, was returned to rescue after many tears were shed by his adoptive family.  When both bullies first met they got along great, but as time went on Napoli and his fur sister could not get along and the fighting only escalated between the two.  It was traumatic for the kids in the household to see so the family made a heart wrenching decision to let Napoli come back to rescue where he could find a home where he could live happily ever after.

We have Napoli in with our pups, but our house is calm and our Bulldogs like to sleep more than play.  We have learned that Napoli doesn’t know what to do when he is in a home with a very energetic dog and energetic children.  He prefers calm with moments of play even though he is young.  He’s a very loving, happy boy in his foster home, but he’s ready to pack his bags at a moments notice to be with his couch loving, TV watching, mellow furever family.

Napoleon has been adopted! From volunteer Lari: Not pictured is his new Bulldog sister, Bella. All reports state that Bella and Napoleon Dynamite (now Napoli) are wasting no time playing, playing, and playing some more!

Please welcome 11-month-old Napoleon to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue! Napoleon had escaped the backyard one too many times and ended up with animal control again. And then he found himself alone when his owner came for his sister and left him behind due to financial reasons. However, due to some help from a Bulldog-loving family that helped pay his fine, Napoleon was able to leave the shelter. The life-saving family then reached out to rescue to help us find a family that could take care of him better. Napoleon seems as sweet as can be and acts like a big ol’ baby, but seems very thin. Napoleon is also heartworm positive. Better days are ahead for Napoleon!

3/20/18 Update:  Napoli here!  I’m gearing up for the season of baseball!!  I love snuggling on the couch and snoring away while a game is on (Anything can be on the TV really because I’m a good at sleeping).  I play hard too, though, but in short intervals between naps.  I live in my foster home with SIX other pups and I get along with all of them.  I play with two of the Frenchies here most of the time.  I do LOVE people.  I’m Mr. Social around here so you will need a good sturdy fence or I will find a way to get out to check in with the neighbors.  I NEED people around!!  So, how about taking me home with you and we can catch a game on the TV and then go for a stroll around the neighborhood??