Being a foster parent in rescue, we hear constantly “we can not fathom how it is to work with a rescue. Thank you for everything you do.” What they do not know, is how rewarding it is when you see someone fall in love with a senior. Most seniors get overlooked because they are older, have health issues, etc. Little do people know they are little hidden gems of unconditional love and they are “seasoned.” Navie is one of those girls that you can look into her eyes and read her mind. You can see deep into her soul, and see the love she has for you. Navie found the perfect family who is going to love her for her. Being 10 years old and having to start over again is hard on most seniors. But this sweet girl walked right in and acted like she belonged with them. We are so happy for Navie, and I think her adoption pictures will show she feels the same. She will go and join her Chow brother and Bulldog sister, with lots of fun and wrestling. Thank you for loving our sweet Navie, and we wish you all the very best.

Are you ready to teach an old dog new tricks?  Here is your chance! Navei (Naah’vy) will turn 10 on July 1. For some reason her owners surrendered her to a big city shelter, where a loving family picked her up and took her home from that place. They cared for her, had her vet needs met and then contacted rescue. They already had several dogs and fosters with another rescue and knew we were best suited to find her the perfect home.

She appears in great health, and is very active for her age. She got along well with her temporary family and their dogs. She is spayed and on heartworm preventative. She just needs a place to call home!

6/28/17 Update:  Nave1 has been an amazing house guest. Here are few things we have learned about Ms. Navei. She is so easy going, gets along great with our pack, and she LOVES to be a couch potato with you. She is potty trained and goes to the door or barks at our gate if she wants out. She does not, however, like her crate, or being away from you or you being out of sight. She does have a little separation anxiety, but she seems to be doing better now that she knows we will come by to check on her during the day. Even though she is 10, this girl is sweet, affectionate, and just wants to be a couch potato and cuddle with you. Oh and don’t forget the belly rubs! She is perfect in every way!

7/2/17 Update:  Ms. Navei is a sun worshiper. She loves to get up in the morning, have her breakfast and lay on the porch. She is enjoying the evening on the porch while we cook dinner tonight. Have I told y’all she is perfect Bulldog yet? This girl is amazing. To whomever is looking for a companion to sit and lounge with, this is your girl!

7/11/17 Update:  Navie Update:: I have a confession, I am the weird dog Mom that sings to her furkids. Each and everyone of them have their own song, and Navie’s is to the “chicken dance” theme. 🎶Navie- Navie- Navie- Nav. Navie-Navie- Navie-Nav. Navie-Navie-Navie-Nav. Nav-Nav-Nav! 🎶 And she just wags her tail and dances to it. It makes me happy to see her so excited to see us, even if we are “weird”. Navie is a dream. If you are looking for a big ol’ cuddle bug, that just wants to lay around and keep you company, she is your girl. She is always so happy, and just asks for a belly rub each and everytime you walk by her. She loves to be a part of the pack, and will let you know real fast she isn’t happy if you leave her in her room. She is a seasoned girl, who is just looking for a comfy couch and lots of love.