Nicholas found a furever home! From his foster pops: He is getting adjusted to his new fursister, Cupcake. She is a 3 year old Bulldog. Nicholas now has four not-so-furry human brothers and sisters.  Jamie and Eric know that caring for a young rescue dog will be a learning process. Their five hour road trip back home should be fun. Thank you again for opening your home to Nicholas!

When you are 5 months old, you do not want to be still for 5 seconds to have your picture taken. Nicholas is no exception!  Nick is like a worm in hot ashes when it comes to sitting still.  Nick has joined rescue after somehow tearing both ACL’s in his back legs.  Nick also has Demodex, a cherry eye and all the bulldog related things that seem to follow Nick.  Nick will be vaccinated tomorrow,  start taking some medicine for a cold, and in a couple week have his legs evaluated to see where we go from there. Nick is just a love bug and his foster will love all the Nick licks that he gives every second he is in you lap!

1/1/17 Update:  Hi there, it’s Nicholas. I am a puppy looking for some RNR. I mean, RNR for my foster mom and pops… LOL! Oh do they have their hands full now. I am so full of energy and I always want to be the center of attention. I am a little scared because I know I need a few surgeries in the near future. I have a cherry eye and need my legs evaluated. I can get around fine, but I lack the strength I need for the long term. My pops really didn’t like my name Nicholas because it’s too long. He couldn’t help it and calls me “Cage” for short. It kind of suits me because you can’t Cage this energy I have. I whimper until I get what I want and I have my foster mom wrapped around my paw. Still working on pops, but he ain’t buying my sweet face. Yet. I have liked my foster sister Shelby and she has been showing me the ropes. I have only had two accidents this week and hopefully won’t have any more. It’s crazy all the naps these women take around here. I WANT TO PLAY ALL THE TIME! Haha Anyways, I am off and am looking forward to the future.

1/15/17 Update:  Nicholas Cage checking in. I have been taking it easy this week and have enjoyed my play time. I got a new bone that I love to hide. I’m a little nervous because my surgeries are upcoming. Now that I’m the only man in my house, these ladies are fighting for my attention. I’m still learning to go potty outside, but hey, I’m young. Looking forward to some couch time this week!

Nicholas Video

2/8/17 Update:  Nicholas “Cage” checking in. I have been doing great this past week. Got to hang out with all new people on Sunday because we threw a big party. I got to say, I have the ladies wrapped around my paws. I love playing with my fur sister, Shelby, outside. We can play for hours and hours. I am a little nervous because I am having my surgeries tomorrow. Finally, get to get rid of this cherry eye. After I get home to my foster house, I will be relaxing. I’m looking forward to finally getting my furever home.

2/13/17 Update:  Hi,  I am so so happy today!  My surgeries are done and I told my foster pops no recovery time for me.  Haha I have been bouncing off the walls.  It’s so nice having my full vision back.  No cherry eye for me now.  My eye is still a little red, but it’s ok.  Hasn’t stopped me from eyeing my fur ladies in the house.  I love cleaning their ears and have a reason to give kisses now.  I love Valentine’s week!  Here are some pics of me.  Guys don’t get jealous because I’m the ladies man.

3/3/17 Update:  I have been a busy boy lately.  Playing in the yard is what life is about!  The weather has been nice so I have been soaking up some sun.  I already have a nice golden coat, but it doesn’t hurt to sun bath a little.  I have an outgoing personality and love to play.  Giving out kisses is what I do best.  If you give me a chance I will cuddle without hesitation.  It’s been getting a little crowded with my foster family, but being social has its perks.  I can mingle with different personalities quite easily now.  Still looking for my furever home where I can show someone some love.  Well off to take a nap and will hopefully meet you soon.

3/20/17 Update:  Hello, I am looking for that special family.  I love to play with other animals, take baths, and follow hoomans. I have been dodging getting a cold since this crazy weather change here lately. I have no problem eating all my food because I’m an ever growing boy. I am so ready for summer time and being out at the local park trails. I love finding sticks and still working on playing fetch. Wrestling around is my favorite hobby. If you are looking for an energetic bully look no further!  Click on adoption application and let’s make this happen.