Nikki Marie

Nikki Marie

Santa Paws read my letter and granted my fondest wish! He sent my furever mom and dad to take me home for Christmas. How I cherish the human/Bulldog bond. 

I stole the spotlight today at the adoption celebration, sucking down the love and joy from their hands. So excited, I ignored my foster mom and dad.  Nevertheless, they told me at the goodbye kiss that they could not have been happier for me and my new family.

As the cosmos and kismet collided on November 7, 2021, I first met my furever family at Bar 2909 in Fort Worth. To say I wowed them ranks as the understatement of that event!

During this jubilant Christmas season, when many exchange gifts, my foster peeps shared me and part of their hearts with my new parents. Today brimmed with happiness. My foster peeps wept a bit, but lachrymose lament blossomed to bliss as they witnessed my embrace of my new family. 

I owe more to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue than I can express in my canine soul. All of us Bulldogs owe our lives to your dedicated volunteers. Thank you for refreshing my chance for happiness. 

Hello everyone, it’s me Nikki Marie joining rescue! And I am one sweet lady. I am 4 years old, and I have a few minor problems such as an ear infection, eye infection, skin infection and my nose rope is infected. I need some medication, some medicated bathes, some deep cleaning, and all these things will be taken care of.  

I was so excited when I got to sit in Dr. Larsen’s lap because I really really wanted her to look in my mouth.  I always knew it was a little harder for me to eat because sometimes the food fell out, but now I know why.  Dr. Larsen said I have a twisted lower jaw. My lips are longer on top, and they fold in and they get stuck between my teeth.  Dr Larsen is going to do a dental and pull some bad teeth and she thinks she might can give me a lip lift. Can you believe that? A bulldog with a lip lift!  I told her I was 100% ok with that because chewing on my lip when I am trying to eat really hurts.

Another great thing is my day ended with me getting to eat canned food. I was like “oh my gosh this really is the best day of my life!” I told Dr Larsen please don’t make me look like one of those ladies with too much Botox and she said, “Sweet little lady that is how you already look with those fat infected lips.” 

Let my new life begin and let eating this canned dog food and sitting in a lap last forever. Remember me Nikki Marie in the days to come. I am 4 years old , and I am as sweet as can be.

Unfortunately we found out Nikki Marie has heart worms and hookworms and will be treated for them at the appropriate time.

8/2/21 Update:  Hello to all y’all fans, friends and family of Bullie Nation,

 “FREEDOM”, as William Wallace exclaimed in Braveheart,  stimulates my soul. I loved my dogtor and the docshop staff but when they said, “You are free to go”, I kissed them good bye and pranced peacefully toward my rideshare Bulldog Limo.  No joke!  Here is a photo.  (Thank you Alison and Jason for the decal!)

I needed a foster home to rest and recuperate from my heartworm and hookworm afflictions and one that could tend to my alimentation afflictions.  Because I had lived in a crate forever, my teeth had gnawed down to nubs and my upper and lower jaws misaligned.  This contributed to my trouble eating. I have been treated medically to correct some of these issues so the comeback rodeo rides.

Surviving as a mill mama caged in my own filth, I never knew the hygiene and sanitation that liberty and love deliver.  Internalizing that I have dignity and deserve respect requires an adjustment over time.  My foster peeps shower me with patience and empathy as I strive for my full potential.

Scuttlebutt ‘round the docshop referred to me a “picky eater”.  In Bulldog patois, that translates to “veritable victual virtuoso”.   Between food and ambiance exigencies, the LSBCR Council of Elders suggested Chez Maison Ménard BBnB, an unlicensed vivacious vintage Bullie retirement home renowned for its haute cuisine.  The ladies living in situ bask in their golden years so my chances of rejection ranged from Slim to none, and Slim is in Lubbock indefinitely; who wants to be in Lubbock anyway?

I am a BIG lover.  My street cred as a sweetie precedes me.  Look at me trying to jump into new foster Dad’s lap and lavish him with kisses.  I now know what it means to smell, “Love at first sight”!

When I arrived, my apartment dazzled with new appointments.  I have my own she shed with comfy bed, a day mat, toys, and my own bowls and stand.  I will not join the others in the main Bullie Dining Salon until I fully acclimate, but I have joined them for some social engagements.  In the interim, I enjoy the daily dietary delights prepared by the culinary staff and delivered by room service.  What girl does not crave such attention?

My new Bullie friends here rave about Bulldog Happy Hour. The menu du jour posts in the morning.  From what I hear, to heck with the menu, just put down the bowl.  They serve grilled meats, fowl, and fish along with veggies, fruits, cheese, pasta, pastry, even ice cream!  Am I a lucky girl or what?

I enjoy multiple small meals daily, while my system stabilizes.

My near term goal is run of the house privileges, which I am working on earning.   Stay tuned for news of my progress.

Bladder issues affect my elimination behavior so the resident lady Bullies tutor me with excreta exercises.  I accompany my fur sisters outside so I know where they pee and poop al fresco.  My peeps help me with eating and potty training.

Although I love to snuggle, the resident queen can be jealous so my peeps do our love on the sly.  My ideal fur-ever family will cherish a serious snuggler because you have a friend in me.

I am a happy and lucky Bullie.  Thanks you at everyone at LSBCR.   How wonderful are all of you?

Do I seem like an ideal Bullie who would grace your home?  If so, my fosters say to get your apps in soon because I will not last long enough to melt at this slurpy stand.

8/9/21 Update:  Miss Nikki Marie here to announce great strides in my recuperation and rehabilitation.  See the photo of me striking this pose, “Is my 30 day sentence up yet?”  But the enduring eternal ennui of bed rest, this confined to quarters calendar curtails carousing so I guess it “is a good thing”, as Martha Stewart might opine.

My nutrition and elimination regimes advanced this week.   I now consume two full, and may I add sumptuous meals daily now, instead of multiple small servings.  I do not spit up or exhibit any intestinal distress.  Food focus drives other behavior.  As I keep calm, my shyness shrinks, and I learn to embrace a worshipping environment, something new and wonderful for me.  At Bulldog Happy Hour yesterday, we feasted on warmed chicken pot pie filling, without the fattening crust.  I eat in the Main Bullie Dining Salon with the others and we all respect each other.

Stunning how you rescue folks make all the difference in our Bullie lives!  Just two months ago, a miscreant breeder rejected me after my last litter even though I suffered from heartworm, hook worm, and malnutrition.  No medical records accompanied my surrender – what does that tell you?

Fast forward to early August.  After extensive medical attention, LSBCR found a compatible foster home for me.  I no longer fear leaving the unlatched crate and celebrate the safety, sanctity, and security of this BBnB.  For the first time ever, I recognize the dignity instilled by my creator.  Thank you LSBCR.

During daytime hours, Miss Akina, 110 in dog years, tutors me on excretion etiquette.  I mimic her wisdom and behavior at all her favorite haunts.  Night times, however, still need work and patience, although I make constant progress.  My mill momma history forced me to sleep in my own filth in a locked cage.  Foster peeps experiment with different permutations of beds, pee pads, location in my apartment, etc.  They see that I am trying and want me to succeed so stay tuned for progress pupdates.  They quote the Lion King where Timon advises Pumbaa that to change your future, “You got to put your behind in the past.”  Fractured language to be certain, but the message shouts its meaning.

Despite light duty status, my jailers allow me to visit the yard, not to exercise (verboten while under heartworm treatment) but to smell the roses and other flowers.  My official title is “apprentice garden inspector”.  Aspiration for master gardener title dances in my head, but for now, I thrill to having a yard of my own.

Apropos, while not available for adoption until the end of August,  I review apps from potential adoptive families, in concert with the LSBCR team.   I crave love and affection, can snuggle and kiss with the best, and desire nothing more than to membership in your loving family.

As the Supremes sang so popularly, “Come see about me.”  And to close with Richard Marx’s message, “I’ll be right here waiting for you”

9/5/21 Update:  I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it. I’m about to lose control and I think I like it.

While no Pointer Sister, I am quite the Bulldog Sista! Since kicking heartworm treatment in the doggie butt, I can explore the yard off leash with Foster Mom. But, “Where, oh where, can that doggie gate be”… the one that leads me out to my forever home.

Speaking of off-leash freedom, Foster Dad now releases me as we exit the back door so I may explore. Having learned from my fur sisters here, I quickly execute my potty business before venturing to frontiers. I even found a fig tree. What is a fig? 

A few days ago, Foster Dad asked if I wanted to play ball. Neither did I know what a ball was, nor what play meant. Fearfully, I scattered when he bounced the tennis ball and then I leaped for the security of my she shed when he stepped on a squeaky toy. OMG, every day brings a new experience. 

To celebrate my progress, my foster peeps booked a spa day for me. I’ve never had one, but my fur sisters here rave about the exquisite treatment – shampoo, mani, pedi, brush out, towel and fan dry, and many affectionate touches… Ahh!  Can I go again soon?

All of this new found joie de vivre has unleashed my spirit. I like to sit on a comfy bed under Foster Dad’s desk.  We exchange caresses during this alone time, free of other Bulldog  competition. I never imagined that such happiness was possible.

I burst with pride for my many accomplishments and thank the Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue crew for allowing me this happy life. All of you are my lucky stars. You folks have paved the path to my future with your dedication to my welfare. Thank you for my rehabilitation. You have prepared me for success with my furever family.

9/13/21 Update:  Attention Bullie Nation fans, friends, and future families,

Miss Nikki Marie issuing this encouraging report. To quote my foster peeps, “I have made phenomenal progress in the six weeks” since I entered my first ever house and home. I have conquered nutrition challenges, vanquished heartworm and hook worm afflictions, and continue to absorb life as a cherished family member.  Am I a lucky Bulldog or what?

Miss Chloe and I have become close friends. She lost her BFF Miss Brynn in late April and I offered to plug the gap when I arrived in late July. Miss Chloe, a loving vintage Bulldog, has taught me about familial love and doggie friendship, a theme new to me, that warms my Bulldog soul.

I have also been chilling in the cooler morning temps. Foster Mom persuaded foster Dad to chop up kindling for the chimineas. I so cherish individual attention that I must participate at every opportunity.

While simultaneously working on this play thing, I play at this working thing. I have mastered the art of working outside with my peeps. I bet children could teach me how to play outside and inside. As a quick learner, I will not disappoint you.

See foster Dad’s Pot Head shirt? It means lobster, a New England treat, and I now know how yummy it tastes. How I love the food here!

I am ready for my fur-ever family and will study your applications this weekend.  All the best.

10/18/21 Update:Friends, fans, and followers of LSBCR and the Red Sox Nation,

My team has reached the ALCS playoffs.  “Go BoSox!”  BTW, what is a “Stro”?  What does it mean to steal signs?  All I steal is kisses.

I am one happy puppy.  Watching Game 2 of the ALCS with foster dad, I saw the two Grand Slams in the first two innings, excitement which caused me to leap up onto the love seat.   Did my peeps think that those plastic bin barricades would dissuade me?  No one said that I could not, and no posted signs that prohibited me so I found the most comfortable spot.

This illustrates how dearly I desire a family that cherishes me, one that invites and welcomes me onto the furniture.   The love seat is a great place to snuggle and exchange armor.

Wait, did I just hear my foster parents talking to someone interested in me?  Maybe they know about my enhanced excretion elimination études?  No longer do I pee inside the house.  However, inside poop happens once every few days, but as a good girl, I only go on the chux pads.  I want to please my peeps so continue to work on this issue.

I am prepared for adoption and eager to love my adoptive family -fur-ever.  As Chris Montez sang in 1966, if you’re feeling sad and lonely, “Call Me”.

So why are you waiting?  Love, Miss Nikki Marie.    You better get your application in. All for now. I hear noises in the kitchen.

11/3/21 Update:  Dear Bullie friends, fans, and family,  Miss Nikki Marie reporting from my sun splashed patio. Am I the epitome of a chilly silly? Utterly happy and secure, I relish sensations unknown before rescue found me. All the Bullies with whom I share these premises have taught me how to live as a valued family member, another new experience. I gotta say, this life style suits me!

I have concluded that I am a Mamma’s girl. I follow my foster Mom everywhere and gravitate toward the ladies at my day spa. Check out this pic of me and my favorite groomer. I love her and rolled over to give her the belly. She obliged with the big love.  God created Bullies for giving and getting love. I merely obey these rules.

Since this is my first Thanksgiving as a free Bullie in a real home, I cannot believe the alimentary rumors circulating around the BBnB. Whispers buzz that we Bullies will feast on roast turkey, meat stuffing, smashed taters mulled with celery root, baked squash, and real GRAVY! Can this be so?  I cannot fathom such luck. Rebecca will bring Georgia Peach Cobbler. I have no idea what Georgia or Cobbler means, but I love me some peach. Foster dad grills it with honey and cinnamon and feeds me some by hand; uhm,uhm, good! Dear Lord, how blessed I am that you sent me to LSBCR

Lest you doubt my range of talent, see me in the herb garden, selecting the rosemary for use in the Thanksgiving Day feast. I also chose the oregano, thyme, sage, and especially the marjoram, quintessential turkey herb. We are hosting honored guests and sharing our bountiful blessings on this special day so I must earn my keep.

Before this special holiday, foster Dad will escort me to Bar 2909 in Fort Worth next Sunday. Dressed in my finery, my charms will wow the crowd. Such a lucky girl am I.

I hope to see and impress all y’all in Cowtown next Sunday.

12/3/21 Update:  As a girl who never lived in a home and a house until last July, the Thanksgiving feast stunned me. Miss Rebecca loved on me at first sight when she walked in.   What luck of this pup?

I do not remember ever eating roast turkey, but I will forever after Thursday.  Miss Rebecca slipped me morsels on the side when Foster Dad toiled at serving tasks. (Yo, Foster Dad, keep serving! Miss Rebecca and I have become full-fledged sistas). 

Thanksgiving reminds us all of our blessings. We hope your Thanksgiving day was filled with appreciation, love and service.

We foster Bulldogs crave furever homes where we enrich your lives and you treasure ours.

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Bulldog New Year!