It has been a long time coming for this special family. They have waited three months for Noel to be spayed and recover so they can adopt their second bulldog from LSBCR. She joins Geddy and two other rescue dogs, and five children to make the family complete. Bryan and Lucy looked forward to weekly updates and sharing them with their children. To see how Noel reacted upon meeting them made all the waiting worth it. She is off to Conroe to watch soccer games with dad and play with a house full of kids and dogs. We could not be happier for her.


ADOPTION PENDING:  Please welcome Noel, one of the youngest, cutest, smallest with the sharpest tiny teeth to rescue.   Noel is like a tiny live wire,  you think you should be really careful with her because of her size but then you learn quickly she is all about the playing, the biting and the getting all the attention.  Noel has struggled with being sick for as long as she can remember, but she is on a different antibiotic now, and her road to recovery has started.  Noel has a smaller than average trachea causing some strange sounding breathing at times, but according to Doc she is gonna eat, drink and live the normal life. Noel eyes don’t always look straight ahead, and sometime look out to each side, but she can see. We asked Doc if he thought she was classified as “special needs” and he assured us no—no more special then the ones we bring to him all the time!  Noel is 3 months old, cute as a button and is the daughter to Abby, one of the Fortunate 5 that came into rescue not long ago.

12/27/16 Update:  Sweet and cute as can be, Noel is 3 months old and has so much energy and love. She LOVES to snuggle on your lap and give you puppy kisses or follow you around the house everywhere you go. She gets along great with her foster brothers and sister. Miss Noel had a great Christmas! She didn’t have to spend it in a kennel, a puppy mill or a shelter! She had a nice, and some would say “warm” home, but because it’s TEXAS and it was 77 degrees, it was a nice “cool” home with fuzzy blankets, treats and toys to play with. She has discovered the tennis ball and just loves it.

Noel has a hard time seeing, so that is under evaluation. She gets around great. She also has a hypoplastic trachea.

1/1/17 Update:  She is doing wonderful! Noel is very energetic and likes to have that “skin-to-skin” ~ she always wants to touch you. Regardless if it’s just to just have her head next to your leg while you’re doing dishes or sitting down, she wants to feel you. She’s doing better for sure since she came into rescue with us! She always has a full belly, a nice warm bed and is sounding better too. Noel also loves to play with her tennis ball and give lots of kisses! She also loves to play outside and sunbathe. Foster mom are dad are still learning about her eye issues. Not sure if she is fully blind yet or what she can see. Noel will definitely make a magnificent companion to a very special person.

1/15/17 Update:  Noel here! I just had my last round of puppy shots on Friday and I’m feeling great. The vet told my foster parents that I’m not blind and that I can see! FINALLY. They thought I could see something, but weren’t sure. So when I went for my puppy shots, Dr. W said I was all good. I have two foster brothers and a foster sister and we love to play all day! I even go to work with my foster mama every day. I think it’s so cool because everyone at her work loves on me and gives me some pretty awesome belly rubs. I’m excited for my forever family… Someone who’s not going to throw me out in a few years because of a “spat” or life change. I know my furever family is going to love me forever.

Noel Video_1 Noel Video_2

1/26/17 Update:  Hello out there world! Thanks for checking in on me this week. I am doing pawfect! Foster mom and dad say I’m a “chubby butt,” but that I am cute.  I really love that I get to go to work with foster mom everyday. I am being such a good girl! Sometimes, if I can’t make it outside fast enough and I have to go #2, I run to the bathroom and go in there so I don’t go on the carpet. Mom thinks that’s so funny and applauses me! I really love to give hugs and if you will let me sit in your lap and rub my tummy, I will be your best friend. I’ve heard that I am doing really good walking on my leash too. I’m learning all kinds of new things lately! I even get big girl treats now. I will check back in with ya’ll next week! It’s nap time.

2/3/17 Update:  Noel continues to grow in size and personality. She loves to play and wrestle with her foster brother sand give her foster family lots of slobbery kisses. The potty training is still a little work in progress snd she is really getting it down.

2/13/17 Update:  Noel has had another great week growing, gaining a little weight and showing off how smart she is. We had a guest at our house for a few days in foster Hudson, and she really enjoyed playing with him. She also thoroughly enjoyed all the attention she received at CBC yesterday. She and foster pops want to thank all the nice people who played with her and carried her around.

We have payed close attention to her eyesight this week. While her vision is not perfect, it is not bad. I think her vision is about like mine when I take my glasses off! I see, but not clearly. Its enough to get around, but I can’t see small things. She sees well enough to navigate and do what she wants. But she did not see as small gage wire fence. She seems to have better vision in one eye than the other and will sometime turn her head slightly to get a treat or to see something she wants to grab. Perhaps because of that, she has a slight problem with depth perception. She is very timid at first anytime she encounters new steps. You have to basically force her down the steps. But after going down them a few times, she figures them out and will run down them from then on. Bottom line: unless you really watch for it, you probably would not realize she has a problem at all.

Oh, and when you hold her up near your face, she loves to softly nibble on your ear! She is just a delight!

2/27/17 Update:  Noel continues to impress her foster family with her sweetness and whit. Unfortunately she developed the sniffles recently and had to make a trip to Dr. W for a checkup. She was put on an antibiotic and a steroid for two weeks. This caused her spay and adoption to be postponed by two weeks. But this has not slowed down her playtime. After a few days of downtime, she was more than ready to get back into the action of running, playing and wrestling with her foster brother. Even though he outweighs her by 16 pounds, she can still get the best of him.

3/12/17 Update:  Noel is getting super excited about meeting her new family and her adoption in two weeks. She will have new two-legged and four-legged brothers and sisters. And they are as excited as she is about making a permanent home for her. But as I explained to Noel today, there is just one more thing she needs to do to be ready for her forever home. Monday is spay day! She got her bath today and is ready for tomorrow. The biggest adjustment will be that her and foster brother Moose will not be able to roughhouse for several days. I guess this means Moose gets a short break from her beating him up! She would appreciate your thoughts and prayers tomorrow. Because she as born with a smaller trachea, I get more nervous with her being under anesthesia. I cannot believe she is already 6 months old and ready to move on to the next stage of her wonderful life you made possible!

3/13/17 Update: Noel reported for duty at the clinic this morning at 7:40. She got up at 5:30 and had to miss breakfast! She did great though during the surgery. I picked he up at 4:30 and brought her home. She was a little nauseous before I got her, so they gave a little medicine to settle her stomach. I think it made her even more sleepy. She slept all the way home. When we got home, she wanted to play with Moose, but she is not allowed such behavior for a few days. She will have to spend more crate time or time is her room by herself. She gets her stitches out in 10 days.