Little Norma has been in her foster home for a while now. We we all should have realized is that she has also been in her forever home for that time. You just can’t let some gals go! Congrats to her and her foster–now forever–mom!

At age 7, Norma was shocked when her family took her to the shelter and surrendered her because they no longer had time for her. And the shelter immediately reached out to us because of a huge growth growing on her. Norma has had it a long time and she certainly needs medical treatment to remove it. Norma seems scared and unsure of her new surroundings, but we know she’ll be a sweetheart with a bit more time to get familiarized with her new situation. More Norma news in days to come.

Norma will be needing a foster home soon! If you’re in the DFW area and would like to prepare her for her adoptive family, reach out us to learn about the foster home application process.

6/24/18 Update:  Just wanted to let you know I checked into my new foster mom’s house this weekend. There are two fur sisters that take up permanent residency and they are OK so far. I think this place will work until I find my furever home.

I’m 7 years old (but I still have a spring in my step) and a bit shy, but I think in time, I will show foster mom just how great I am. Foster mom says that I’m the sweetest young lady and that I did an awesome job riding inthe car. Foster mom was quite surprised when I jumped in her car and said, “Let’s go!” I take care of business outside, like a good girl; I get the best treats for it! I also give some of the best hugs and kisses! I’ll be waiting patiently for my furever family so I can share more of them.

Also, foster mom said she bought the wrong size bed for my crate, so she took me to the store and I got to pick out a new one. She said I did very well on the leash and in the store. It was a little scary, but foster mom had my back!

7/1/18 Update:  Happy Independence Day from me Norma! So my first week has gone really well and my fur sisters and I have started to really bond. The big one really likes to clean my face, yuck!  The resident queen and I have butted heads a bit but we are working out our differences, mainly over these bones that are lying around everywhere. We both seem to want the same one and I kind of want them all. Foster mom keeps taking them away and leaving me only one but I go and collect them again. I’m learning to share.

Just so you know, I had a bath this weekend and Foster mom said I was perfect! Yes you heard that right. I let her rub, brush, and rinse me down and enjoyed every minute of it. I also climbed in her lap and let her put the cotton things in my ears; they were quite dirty but not anymore. I didn’t mind all the attention! We went on an outing to Petco because that where the pets go! I was really scared so we didn’t stay too long. She loved on me and said it was ok to be scared and that in time I’ll walk in like a champ!

So to all you potential fur parents: If you are looking for a loveable huggable girl that is house trained and listens to her parents put in your application now before someone else hits the jack pot!

7/10/18 Update:  Hey, all you potential fur parents It’s me, Norma! My foster mom looked my name up on Google the other day. According to the Urban Dictionary, my name means a rare jewel that is meant to be treasured! “A dog that only comes around once in a lifetime, you do her wrong and she is strong enough to let you go.” Me? A jewel? I think I can live with that. Foster Mom says it suits me perfectly. She said that is exactly what I did to my previous life: let it go and moved on to better things! I’ve decided to only look forward, so if you are looking for a well-mannered, house trained, snugly kind of a girl, put that application in today! I’ll be waiting and hopefully, you’ll get matched to me.

9/12/18 Update:  Hey folks! It’s Norma checking in. I’ve settled in nicely at Mays Manor but I think it’s time I find my furever home. In the beginning I was quite scared but Foster mom says I’m doing an awesome job coming out of my shell. Each week I impress her. I recently rolled over for belly rubs and Foster mom was so happy! That made me happy too, not to mention it felt great. I don’t always want them unless it’s my idea, I’m glad she understands. Foster mom has been taking me on outings (I love to go go go), I am a perfect gal in the car. I’m also getting better on a leash. I still get a little excited when I see other dogs but its only because I want to make friends; no mean bones in this body! Man she gets a leash and we all get so excited, the anticipation is almost unbearable waiting to see who gets picked. I heard with the weather changing walks in the park was in my future!

Foster mom is always trying to snap a pic of me, I don’t always comply, I’d rather be getting kisses. Yep….that is my pillow, well when it’s not being used by another resident.

10/10/18 Update:  It’s foster girl Norma checking in. Look at me, look at me! Aren’t I just the cutest gal. In case you are wondering why I have this look on my face, it’s because behind the camera is a pup that is just plain nuts! I just look at him like what in the heck is wrong with him. Just so you know, I get along with all my foster siblings. One thing I do not tolerate is a particular four legged foster brother trying to take my toy out of my mouth. I’m trying to teach him that it’s not nice to take a toy out of anyone’s mouth. In the mean time, I’ll be here mentoring this puppy waiting on my forever family.

10/19/18 Update:  It’s Norma checking in! As you can see by my picture, I will tolerate being dressed up as long as I get that treat that is being dangled over my head. Other than that, I’m not so much into it. I will however sit next to you and let you love on me. I am a sweet girl that is still working on my confidence. What can I say, some of us take a little more time. I get along with my fur siblings and I like toys, especially those stinky cow hooves! They are my favorite! You should put in an application today because you just don’t know what you are missing without me in your life!

11/15/18 Update:  It has been awhile since I have checked in, but I’m still here waiting on my furever family to find me. Foster Mom says I’m the sweetest, most gentle, lovable gal she knows. Everyone else around this place comes in like a wrecking ball, but I do not. Wrecking ball…. that cracks me up because with these pups running around, that is pretty much what it’s like. They come out of nowhere and attack. Don’t get me wrong ~ I play right along side them. I just don’t last as long. I’m just glad they listen when I’m ready to chill. I’m a healthy gal with no ailments, although I battle with a bit of anxiety when it rains. No thunder or lightning is needed ~ just little ol’ rain drops get me a bit scared. Foster Mom bought me a thunder jacket so I hope it works! In the meantime, I’ll be sitting, looking pretty… waiting on applications that may be a good match for me!

9/10/19 Update:  Extra! Extra! Read all about her! Norma has been with Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue for over a year. I can’t imagine why, except that she doesn’t look like a traditional Bulldog. She is mixed with a little something, but what? Norma decided it was time to see… We learned she is 75% Bulldog and 25% French Bulldog. I was a little shocked myself, but I can see the Frenchie in her face and the Bulldog in her body.

Norma is one sweet girl and just as gentle as they come. She loves toys, is 100% house trained, and is all around perfect. She gets along with most all other pups she has come into contact with. She does like her toys and is a borderline hoarder. I always know what kennel or bed she has been in. 🙂 For the most part, she does share, but will let out a little snarl when she wants her alone time with whatever toy she is chewing.

There are a few things that Norma does not like: cats, rain, thunder, lightning, fireworks… Well, you get the idea. Oh, and garbage trucks! She can do some damage trying to save her yard from a cat and when it’s raining, she likes to stay under the bed until she is sure it has stopped. I’ve tried to convince her that garbage trucks are not out to get her, but she just doesn’t agree.