Nutmeg Nan

Nutmeg Nan

Nutmeg Nan has been adopted by an amazing family. She now has two fur siblings to play with, awesome parents, and loving sisters. Happy life, sweet girl!

See my beautiful brown and caramel color? That’s why I am now known as Nutmeg Nan instead of #46. I have spent my six years of life working to make someone else a living. Now it will be all about me.

I am so glad to be in rescue and meet these nice people. I am a chunky little gal, but I am very shy and unsure of myself and my surroundings. I have never walked on a leash before, so I just hunker down and try to disappear when someone tries to walk me.

I think I am in good health for my age and all I have been through. But I am off to the spa and the clinic to rest and get everything checked out. Then I look forward to learning to go on walks with someone who will love me forever. I know you are out there, somewhere. 

12/1/20 Update:  Nutmeg is getting settled into her foster home. She gets along with the other dogs here and is starting to come out of her shell. She loves hugs and snuggles from her humans. She’s such a happy girl.

12/8/20 Update:  Nutmeg loves snuggling, warm blankets, playing with other dogs, and stealing shoes & socks.

12/12/20 Update:  Nutmeg Nan loves to lie with her head back. It’s so cute! Her personality is starting to come out, too. She doesn’t like to share her snuggle-time with her foster pawrents and other dogs, so we try to give her some one-on-one snuggles.

12/24/20 Update:  Nutmeg is a happy little girl who loves to dance and loves to be held like a child. Her mischievous side is really coming out. She likes to chew on wires and the remote. ACK! We had an extension cord (unplugged) in the living room that we caught her dragging into the back yard, presumably for some outdoor décor she’d been working on.

12/29/20 Update:  Nutmeg had a great Christmas doing her favorite activities, snuggling & dancing. She needs a furever family who will give her lots of holdy-time.

1/5/21 Update:  Nutmeg is such a wiggly girl, it’s hard to get a pic of her standing still. She’s got a beautiful coat with black undertones. She just needs a lap to sleep on. Maybe you’ll be the one to provide that for her?

1/11/21 Update:  Nutmeg just loves to snuggle! She’s such a great dog with no health issues. Do you have room on your lap for her?

1/18/21 Update:  Nutmeg had a great week. She met some friends of her foster parents and just hammed it up! She absolutely loves all people and gets along well with dogs. She finished the weekend by being held by her foster pops.

1/25/21 Update:  Nutmeg, who we call “Nutty,” is such a sweet girl. She has no health issues and just wants to be held by her humans all day. Do you like snuggling with sweet dogs? She may be the one for you!

3/2/21 Update:  Nutmeg had a great week! She met some new friends at Paw Country in Granbury, where she got some new toys and goat’s milk.