Yep, she blew this foster pad and is heading down the highway to her new life in San Antonio. She was so excited to meet her forever momma and new Bulldog brother, Bubs. She said, “The heck with this meet-and-greet stuff. I like you and you like me. Let’s hit the road. I’ve got a new life to start leading and we’re wasting time.”

We only had little Olive Oil for a short time, but we will miss her sweet, silly, little, wiggly Bulldog butt. Happy life, precious girl

As soon as I heard the word “valentine,” I packed my backpack and headed here to join rescue. I am a young one ~ a year and a half ~ and in the eyes of many, I am perfection. And I do agree. I am pretty much perfect! I call myself a brindle babe, and I love just about everyone and everything I meet.

Most of all I love to sit in people’s laps. I heard the word “pest” last night because I kept jumping over another Bulldog to lap sit first. I have no problem doing whatever it takes to get in a lap first! And because I am young, I have no problem jumping and leaping through the air to find my person.

So, tomorrow, I am off to do some lap sitting with Dr. Larsen, have some medical stuff addressed and then I will be going through the adoption applications. I’m looking for a family that has laps that need this brindle babe. And if you don’t want a Bulldog on furniture, then I’m not your girl because besides laps, I love to sit on furniture. Love ya’ll!

2/26/19 Update:  Olive was SO excited to be in her foster home and getting some special play time. This video is just a tiny snip of the evening’s play time. Olive is the sweetest, happiest, wiggliest little girl and loves to play!

So far, we are enjoying this precious girl who loves people and cuddling. She does great in the car and seems to be crate trained. She was slowly introduced to the other Bulldogs in the house (while she remained safe in her separate area) and her wiggle butt was nearly uncontrollable seeing ‘friends’ – so I think she will be a great pack mate to join a lucky adopter’s family of skin and fur kids! We’ve got lots more to assess about her, but it’s so exciting to see her personality and this joy and playfulness shining through!

3/6/19 Update: Olive is doing well. Potty training is pretty good, unless there is a bed or blanket in the crate at night… then she firmly believes it must be marked. She gets along with all of our other dogs and loves to play.

But then.. the chair ATE HER TOY! She was so upset, she had to come tell foster mom all about it… cuddled up in front of the fire. Then, with the warm fire, cozy bed and foster mom’s pets… not to mention all that play, little Olive started to get very sleepy… #SleepyEyes And before I knew it…Olive OUT 💤