Out of all the fur kids we have fostered and loved, there is always that one that just gets you. Don’t get me wrong ~ they all carry a special place in your heart, but some of them just grab you a little harder, and it makes it harder to let them go. Ontos is one of those.

You see, when he first came into rescue, we were scared he was blind and he wasn’t very trusting. He would coward down when we would go to love on him and such. He also had a pretty bad skin infection, but nothing that a little TLC couldn’t fix.

After weeks of working with him to maneuver around the house and helping him finding his way, he started becoming more trusting and he really wanted to be around us more. He would start barking at his gate when he wanted to be out in the rest of the house. He also really took to the mini human. The two of them became pals, and I started seeing the mini human guide Ontos around. He was helping him find the snacks and treats, and helping him find the door.

I started feeling that feeling in my heart, and I had to keep pushing it down.

Fast forward a few weeks down the road and Foster Pa became severely ill. When I left the ER to come home and pack a bag to stay in the hospital with him, I was beside myself. While I was packing, Ontos became distraught and broke the gate to come running to me… it’s like he knew something was terribly wrong. He stood with me and kept scratching my leg until I sat down on the floor with him and he laid his head in my lap.

I knew then he was home. He had chosen us, and we had chosen him, and I knew letting him go would be heartbreaking for us all. He follows us all around the house constantly (the kitchen being his favorite hang-out spot), and can’t stand to not be close to one of us. He is the greatest boy, and we couldn’t be happier making him an official part of the Storey family. Thank you guys for trusting us with him!

You might wonder about my unique name. My owner comes from a long line of Marines who have all owned Bulldogs. All the dogs were named after something to do with the service. Many were named after some type of tank. The Ontos was a very special tank used by the Marines in the 50s and 60s. So I am proud to be a Marine Tank!

I am upset though that I am also a casualty. My family got a divorce and it seemed no one had time or a place for me. They knew I needed more time with people than they could provide, so I joined rescue.

I’m 9 years old, but you would never guess it. I am quite active for a dog my age. I believe in military fitness and have kept myself in tip-top shape. I am disciplined and well-behaved. I love to go on walks and do great on a leash.

After years of service to my family, I am ready to retire, but I’m not ready to quit living. I hope I can be matched with a family that is a little slower, but still enjoys life and having fun.

7/5/19 Update:  We picked up Ontos, and this big ol’ boy sure is the sweetest! He is 9, has some skin issues we are working through, along with some pretty bad dry eye. This has caused some build up on his corneas, so he has a hard time seeing things. With drops being put in his eyes often throughout the day, they are already looking so much better! He also has some arthritis that is being managed with medication. You would not know he is 9 by the way he still plays and moves around. He is potty trained with only one accident so far. He is getting along fantastically with our pack, and he LOVES the mini human. He knows where the kitchen is now, and he loves to lay there and watch you cook, and of course, he knows how to play it to get a snack or two. 😉 Ontos is such a great boy!

7/10/19 Update:  This boy is the sweetest and just wants to watch every move you make…. including each and every bite you take. 😉He might have gotten a sampling. How can you resist that face?

7/15/19 Update: Ontos continues to do so well at our house. He is very smart, and has learned to scratch at the backdoor when he wants in and outside. He is Foster Ma’s shadow, and he follows me around everywhere I go… literally everywhere! Foster Ma has learned to slow down and take her time knowing Ontos is around, sometimes he doesn’t see that I moved and I might close the door too fast on him, or he doesn’t know to watch out as I walk by because his eye sight is so bad. So, we have all learned to slow down, and make sure he is aware of his surroundings and we make sure he knows he is safe. You would never know he is 9 by the way he plays, runs and acts. He LOVES the mini human, and is so gentle around him. There is not enough good things we can say about Ontos. He is such a good loving boy, and has plenty of love left to give!

7/27/19 Update:  Poor Ontos hasn’t been here long enough to know when Foster Ma goes into mantic cleaning mode, everyone runs to their beds and hides. They hate the vacuum and the mop. Plus, everything gets moved out of their spots and it throws everyone off. Besides Ontos. He just stands right behind you and “helps” find the places where everything belongs. He will forever be my stand-in-the-kitchen buddy because that’s where we find him most of the time. He loves to stand by the freezer when you open it to get ice. He LOVES ice cubes. He is precious and Foster Ma’s shadow, and knows how to steal a belly rub or two as she walks by. He is perfect in every way, and he would be the best friend or shadow anyone could ever ask for.