Oreo Ann

Oreo Ann

Oreo Ann found her perfect furever family. In addition to great parents, she will have a young fur brother, a skin sister and a skin brother. She jumped in the truck with them and never looked backed. This sweet girl will be missed by her foster family, but she will be living the life she deserves. Young energetic Oreo and this young active family will have many adventures together. Happy trails!

Hey bulldog friends and family it’s me Oreo Ann joining rescue!  Because of some changes in my current living situation my family is moving back home, and someone back home said “No dogs in the house.” I was like surely they were not talking about me, but they were.  

So, here I am! A one-year-old with the energy level of the energizer bunny. I spent the night in a foster’s home last night with a bunch of middle age lazy bulldogs.  I was here, there and everywhere. No one wanted to play with me even as cute as I could be they just walked away.  

I am headed to Dr. Larsen’s to sit in her lap and tell her what kind of family I want. I need an active family. I love kids and my skin brother wrote a letter about me. It would be great if my new family has other dogs that like to play.  My family sent my toys and my treats, and they loved me a lot and saying good-bye was hard but not all change is bad, and I am expecting great things in my future. So, after a little surgery I will be looking for a new family that is just as active as me.

3/22/21 Up[date:  Yes, I’m as sweet as the cookie. In only couple of days, I’ve made great friends with the fur residents in my foster home. My new buddy, Deuce, is my age and we are having a great time. We play tug with the toys, we wrestle, we play chase inside and outside, and then we crash for a nap.

I’ve discovered that I like bananas, pumpkin and peanut butter. I wonder what I will get to try next. If I stand on my long legs, I can peek on the counter to see what’s coming.
I have one peculiarity. There are dog beds all over the house. They smell fresh and have clean blankets, but I just won’t get in one. Even if Foster Mom makes me try one, I jump out as fast as I can. I sleep on the floor or on a blanket on the floor. You can see in the picture that I did find a chair in which I like to nap.
I’m the curious type. I check on everything Foster Mom does. I have lots of energy, so I hope my furever family is active and likes to play.
3/30/21 Update:  Oreo is an exuberant, fun puppy. She settled very quickly into her foster home. Food, toys, hugs and scratches are some of her favorite things. She loves the dog toys, but the laundry, a piece of paper, or anything in my hand is fair game.
Her buddy, Deuce, is her partner in mischief. They play rough, but there is never any aggression. She has a gentle, loving nature. When she hears a new sound or sees something she doesn’t understand, Oreo gets a cute, puzzled expression and then checks out the source. Curiosity wins. Her curiosity keeps her very busy.
Oreo is not a picky eater. She’s ready to try new things, and her recent menu additions are strawberries and apples. It was a big decision for her to choose sleeping in a bed instead of the floor, but she finally found a bed in the house that suited her.
Car rides are a treat. If she can push her way into the garage when I open the door, she runs around the car wishing that one of the doors would open so she could get in. Sometimes she can go, and sometimes she can’t.
We are working on leash training. Due to her energetic nature, it is going slowly. We are also working on the word “no.” It’s hard for her to stop what she is doing, but she’s improving. Oreo wants to please, and treats help.
Oreo is easy to love. She is a young, strong, energetic girl who will enjoy an active life with her furever family.
5/10/21 Update:  I’m soaking up the sun while thinking about my busy morning. My favorite person who comes to visit is my foster mom’s grandson. He came over for breakfast, and for a ride to school this morning. CAR RIDE! I’m in! I got to watch the whole way through the windshield, while resting my head on my favorite person. When we got back to the house the resident pup was ready to play, and play, and play. This rest is just what I need right now. Look, I see a squirrel on the fence! Oh, well. Maybe I will chase the next one.