Otis has been adopted!  My Senior Saint has found his furever home with MIllie, an alumna of ours, and her mother Rebecca! If was love at first sight last week when they met, and today they made it official.

The Easter Bunny came early! Please welcome 8-year-old Otis to our rescue family. An owner surrender, Otis seems to be as sweet as can be. He loves dogs, cats and people.

3/27/16 Update:  New to rescue Otis will be heading to Dr. W.’s tomorrow to get him current on vaccinations.  At age 8 last night was rough on him. Otis knew he was not home and we were not his people. Otis paced and paced and ran and hid, then he would pace some more. Otis only found comfort in food or a treat.  I could tell exactly what Otis was thinking. Otis was thinking that he just wanted to go home.

4/3/16 Update:  Otis is 8 and has the energy of a 6 month old. He has become a favorite of mine,  Cute, smart, funny ways, plays ball like Nolan Ryan,  and is looking for a family without a small child because once he has found a toy he is not going to drop it. It is his and for the rest of a good portion of the day he is carrying it in his mouth!

4/10/16 Update:  Otis is another ball player!! He loves balls,  and he loves to play!  No one told Otis that at age 8 he should not run laps around the yard with ball in mouth, but he does. Otis is perfection in a senior body!