October 2, 2017 Owen joined rescue.  At another place and time Owen had gotten overheated and ended up in the ER With a bill too much for his family to pay Owen joined rescue.  Owen was wild and crazy and the term “Damn it Owen; Don’t”  became his name. Nothing was off limits to Owen. Anything wood or leather,  Owen left his mark. Owen’s trip to the vet revealed he also had heart worms.  Heart worms and crating Owen was my biggest challenge. Owen was a maniac after treatment, rocking the crate back and forth, barking his head off, leaving me to wonder would he survive the 30 days of rest?  And if I would survive Owen. Well, we both survived and became best friend somewhere along the way.  Most of you don’t know that someone broke into my house by kicking in the backdoor a few months back and they stole Owen. He was the closest one to the door in a crate. They threw him over the fence, but for some reason left him and he got caught in a thicket by a creek.  Owen was found tangled up and the lady who found him emailed into the web sight with his pic. Deirdre sent me a pic with the caption “recognize this bulldog found in McKinney?”  I was already on my way home because my alarm alerted me that a door was open.  I picked Owen up from the lady who found him and he was perfect.  I would guess whoever took Owen realized he was too heavy to carry and just dropped him. Fast forward to today: Owen’s adoption day.  Long gone is the Owen that joined rescue, the thin, crazy, out of control Owen chewing on anything. That Owen has left the building. Now we have the thick,  confident, amazing Owen that has been a friend to any bulldog that came in. Owen has walked to the car with me as bulldogs left and he stood on the bumper waiting to see if he got to go too.  But it was never the right time for Owen to leave. But today is Owen’s big day, his adoption day, and Owen was ready.  Owen has a new Mom, a new Grandmother and a standard poodle brother that welcomed him home.  Another bulldog will move into my house, but there will never be another Owen. He will always be my little bulldog buddy that had 9 lives.

I am Owen and I am a miracle. I am here and I am lucky to be alive. My story is a tale to be told. And why people need to understand that Bulldogs can over heat, we can’t swim, and we are not the breed for everyone. Please do your research before taking the leap.

I was knocking on death’s door, but it was not my time to go or I would be gone. I think I am 3 years old. My family was moving into a apartment and did not want me to move with them, so they ran an ad on Craigslist looking to find a new family for me. Someone came and bought me. And from here, the story is not known. Did they want me to run a marathon, did they put me in the back yard, or did they always want a Bulldog but had no clue about my needs? Next thing I knew, I was at the ER on Saturday from overheating. I was dying. This family refused to treat me and they gave ownership of me over to the ER clinic. I was given oxygen, I was cooled down, and I am alive. I did not die, but I was close. The ER called Lone Star Dog Ranch and they immediately came in the early morning hours, paid my bill and took me to the ranch. And then I heard Laura make the call to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue and she said “I have the most beautiful, amazing, Bulldog for you. He survived a heat stroke and you are going to LOVE him because I already do!” It had been a really long time since anyone called me beautiful and amazing, so I knew I was going to wonderful people if Miss Laura had called them. I am grateful for everyone that played a part in making sure I did not die on Saturday because I have so much life left to live.

Owen the Miracle

10/11/10 Update:  Hey friends it’s me Owen checking in.  I bet you have wondered where I have been lately. Well I been on a staycation because I needed neutered and my cherry eye fixed. And of all the luck, I tested positive for Heartworms! Yep. that’s right I am heartworm positive. Can you believe it ? I can’t.  So, now I am on a antibiotic for 30 days and after that I will have the heartworm treatment.  I moved in with my foster mom today, and let’s just say I have a crush on foster mom. Yea, I know, kinda weird, but when I see her I have this desire to wrap my paws around her legs and , well you know the rest. Foster Mom, well, let’s just say she’s not a big fan of me humping her so today we are going to the store and I am getting a new harness and leash and she’s buying a aerosol can of Pet Corrector.  Pet Corrector is supposed to stop naughty behaviors like humping ladies legs. Oh, I am hoping it helps me loose “that loving feeling” for foster mom because their is no where else I had rather be than on staycation with her.  In 30 days I will have by heartworm treatment and then I will be resting for 30 days . And then, I will be able to be adopted.  Exciting times for me are ahead:  resting,  manners training,  learning to walk on a leash, walking not running and finding me a family.  That’s it for me for now, I am off to the store!

10/15/10 Update:  Good Lord Owen knows nothing other than he comes in like a wrecking ball! Nothing is safe around him. He sees people and he is on them, in their space, jumping and dancing and leaping thru the air.  Owen has lifted his leg on every thing sacred in my home. One bulldog should not have that much energy. I am supposed to be teaching him some social skills, how to walk on a leash, and behave.  When I look at him all I can see is the video of Miley Cyrus swinging back and forth on a wrecking ball.  But in my head I see Owen has replaced Miley swinging back and forth .

11/5/17 Update:  This dog Is the poster child of a NAUGHTY BULLDOG! 😁 He is a chewer ~ nothing is off limits. Owen is fast, smart as they come, and friendly to everyone in the house, but can not be trusted to walk freely from room-to-room because of his chewing addiction! He also walks across the room, making a chewing motion with his teeth until he finds something to sink them into. Here’s to the search for the perfect chew toy.

12/11/17 Update:  A holiday poem from foster boy Owen:

Oh Santa Paws, oh Santa Paws…
On the 15th, I will finish heartworm treatment!

My name is Owen and I’m really sweet.
Please for Christmas, bring me some treats.

I need a family that plays a lot…
Because I can really be a nut!

I about went crazy with so much rest.
I really think it was a test.

I chewed the crate,
I chewed the bed.

I chewed it all
without regret!

I had a hundred toys to chew…
But I prefer nice leather shoes.

Please Santa Paws, help me here…
My name is Owen and I love you dear.

My new family, please understand, I can really be a puppy who likes like to chew everything up!
A favorite thing is your nice couch; I love to put the corners in my mouth.

I try real hard to be so good. Do you think I just might be misunderstood?

Oh Santa Paws, oh Santa Paws… please, please help me here.

23/5/18 Update:  Afternoon all, it’s me, Owen, checking in in the month of LOVE! I do believe this month is all about me, Owen.  I have not really put myself out there lately for the ladies to admire, but I thought what the heck, let’s give them some “eye candy.” So here I am all dressed up looking for love.  I met a lovely lady today with her standard poodle and she could not keep her eyes off me. I was like blinding her with my beauty.  I think the poodle was less that impressed, but that is just a poodle thing.  But I think it’s a serious love connection because tomorrow afternoon the lovely ladies is sending her Mom up here to talk to me.  I expect her Mom to love me too, I am just that kinda fella.