Paris Jane

Paris Jane

This past weekend was a really great one for Paris. First meet and greet, her first Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue event and an adoption! You read that correctly: Paris is no longer a “foster” girl. She will now play an important part in helping other foster Bulldogs get evaluated for their forever homes!

From the moment Paris got into the car with foster mom Meda, she became her shadow and their love for each other just gets stronger. Though it took Paris a little while to warm up to foster pops Randy, he continued to help her work through her trust and fear issues and in no time at all, she won his heart! What she and foster mom didn’t know was that for the last couple of weeks foster pops was paying close attention to how Kingston, the resident Bulldog, reacted when the girls would arrive home from work. Kingston just comes to life at the sight of Paris, his little sister!

So, three YES votes from the Gillams were cast and the decision was made to make her a permanent part of the family! Paris will now have her own drawer in the dresser for her cute shirts.

My family always thought they would go to Paris someday… in case they never got to, they decided to name me Paris. I am 3 years old and kind of shy, but I have a lot of energy when I go outside. I loved outside living on the ranch. It was wonderful until the llamas and the alpacas moved in to keep the ranch grass mowed. But all I ever saw them do was spit on me! I could be across the yard and here they would come, ears laid back, lips out, looking for their next victim. Many days, covered in spittle, I played chase with them. I never was able to spit back, but I sure did try.

When my friend Dahlia told me she was leaving the ranch, I was ready to go, too. I was ready to take a shower, ready to write my letter to Santa and ready to find a family with nothing that spits. I can run like the wind and play with anyone that likes to play. I had some best friends on the ranch they were goats. They loved to jump over me and I tried jumping over them, but their bodies were made for jumping… mine was made for resting on the sofa. So, I’m off to Dr. Larsen’s vet clinic. I am going to have a few things done and then hopefully, I’ll have a home for Christmas. I called Dr. Larsen to make sure she did not have spitters at the clinic. She assured me that no spitting was allowed there, but a lot of lap sitting was… I know I am going to love it there! And I know they are going to love me there too.

12/28/18 Update:  To the peeps of Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue, my name is Paris and I’m a sweet lil’ 3-year-old, 41-lb bundle of love!

I have been at my foster home for 2 weeks now. I’m learning some things so I will be ready for when my forever loves come along! I really like where I am and they love me, but my foster mom says I should be sharing all my sweetness with someone who needs me in their lives. I am crate trained, but still have a little more improving do in that department. I am getting a lot better walking on a leash, but I need to work on not chasing the neighborhood squirrels… even though it’s so much fun to see them scamper! I have no problem eating and I am enjoying trying all kinds of new treats. I am a skinny thing so the goal is to “fluff” me up a little more, and you don’t hear me complaining none!

In the beginning, I did have a few little oopsies in the house, but I’m getting better with that! I am not a barker, but I have been told I make some strange sounds. This isn’t a bad thing; it just gives me character, as my foster mom says. A huge plus in my foster home is that I get along with other dogs! Kingston, the resident Bulldog, and I have become buds, so we’ll just continue to hang out with each other until we get a text with the great news that you are coming to get me! See you soon!

2/4/19 Update:  “Foster Pops keeps telling me that I’m the cutest little thing ever! Wouldn’t you like to come home to this cute face everyday? Then what are you waiting for?” – foster girl Paris