Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz

Congrats to Miss Penelope Cruz for winning the best award of her career. Her award of Adoption!  From her foster mom: This made me so happy this Sunday morning.  Penelope is truly HOME and has found her happy place in Daddy’s lap.  This little girl was discarded like she did not matter but she and those like her matter most.


Welcome the soon to be famous Penelope Cruz to Rescue. She comes to us from a local shelter and weighs just 32 pounds. She has issues with her skin, eyes and ears, and she’s also heartworm positive. Stay tuned to watch her journey to health and happiness.

6/1/16 Update from Penelope Cruz’s foster momma: I think she was a mill mama. She has c-section scars, has probably never been on grass based on her reaction to it and pees on her belongings where she sleeps. She seemed to get mad when I took her bed away to wash it! She did go outside to potty, but on the concrete only. She didn’t want to eat her dry food, so I mixed in organic chicken broth and she ate it all. She drinks a TON. Overall, I think she’s relaxed and happy! I think she is finally resting peacefully for the first time in a long time.

6/6/16 Update:  Foster girl Penelope Cruz is heading to the vet’s office to start her heartworm treatment. Please pray it goes well for her!

6/16/16 Update:  Penelope had a good ride home from the vet. She is crated for 30 days during her heartworm treatment. With this heat, she is enjoying the indoors. Penelope is allowed freedom to eat and get some love. She had a bath and seemed to feel better afterward. Some hair is growing back on her bald spots, but her skin issues will take time to heal. Penelope is not a fan of the outdoors and apparently, has never been on grass. She prefers to do her business on concrete, but we are working on that. Being a tiny girl, she is on the three-meal-a-day plan and cannot get enough food. Penelope is always up for a meal or snack. She loves children and gets along with other dogs. She does eat separately because she would like to eat everyone’s food.

6/20/16 Update:  We have hair! Yes, this once bald little piggy tail is sprouting soft white hair. Penelope had her bath today and felt like wearing a bow and taking a short visit outside of her crate to which she is confined during her heartworm treatment. Penelope is starved for both love and food, so she’s now getting a lot of both. She is crate trained. She has not had the run of the house, so we don’t know about house training yet. She goes out several times a day, but is not a fan of the outside. She cannot get back in the house fast enough. I cannot wait for her confinement to be over and see her personality blossom.

6/27/16 Update:  Foster girl Penelope Cruz is still confined to her crate for another couple of weeks to complete her heartworm treatment. Her favorite part of the day is meal time. She wants her breakfast before she goes out to do her business. She checks everyone’s bowl after she eats to see if maybe someone has left a few morsels. Penelope is the hungriest girl ever. She knows when lunch and supper roll around too and has figured out the fridge is full of yummy treats. Penelope is getting twice weekly medicated baths and likes being clean and smelling good. She is so very sweet and loves affection. She will hold her little paw up for some love. This tiny girl will be so much fun once she is able to be out of the crate and see how wonderful life will be for her.

7/3/16 Update:  Penelope is still a shy girl. She loves affection and likes to be touched, but she is unsure about what goes on outside her room and crate. She is on crate rest for another week because of heartworm treatment. Once she is able to roam freely, I hope she becomes more confident that she is in a safe place. Penelope does not like the outside and must be encouraged to go out. Once she does her business, she can’t get in the house fast enough. She loves her three meals a day and is not food aggressive though I watch all of mine at mealtime as they like to inspect each other’s bowls. She needs a skin and eye followup once she is off crate rest, but the skin just takes time to heal. She is very wrinkly, so she is bathed twice a week and gets wrinkle cleaning twice daily. She is not really interested in toys, so I don’t think she ever had them. She is ready to be pampered and has already told me she must have the peacock pattern leash, collar and harness from Hollywood Feed. Some girl shopping is in order once her neck is healed.

7/18/16 Update:  Penelope had a good week. She has had more freedom because she is off crate rest after finishing heartworm treatment. Penelope will, however, retreat to her crate after a bit. I think she feels secure in it. She walks well on a leash, but prefers a short walk, as she seems afraid she may not get back in the house. She goes outside several times a day to do her business and can’t get back in fast enough.

Penelope has had no accidents in the house or crate, but will mark a bed so that is still a work in progress. Food is Penelope’s favorite thing. She will not go outside in the morning until after breakfast. She got her first Huggles for Heroes toy from Hollywood Feed, but she is not sure what a toy is. I suspect she was never given a toy. Penelope’s skin is coming along and her fur is growing. This little squat body is becoming a beauty. She loves her twice weekly bath because it means treats and towel rubs. Penelope is not interested in getting on the furniture, but wants some attention when her humans are on the couch. Penelope seems to love all things with skin and fur, although she has not been around male dogs or cats. I suspect she might chase cats, as she would like to chase the bunnies she sees. Penelope just wants love, hugs and food.

7/24/16 Update:  Penelope ended a full week off crate rest by joining all the Bullies at the Hollywood Feed event in McKinney yesterday. Penelope stayed close to foster mom, but she loved all the petting and attention. She has free roam of the house when foster mom or dad is home, but likes to retreat to her crate for a bit of privacy and quiet time. This little girl will melt your heart when she looks at you with loving eyes and such expectation. Penelope still has some itchy skin, but it is getting better each day. Next to meal and snack time, her favorite thing is being loved on.

8/7/16 Update:  Penelope (or Nelope or Nel as we sometimes call her) has been up to her usual routine of napping behind the treadmill and taking a stroll outside by the pool.  Penelope does not linger long in the heat.  She wants right back in the house.  Penelope is still having her twice weekly baths to help her skin.  Her fur glistens when she is all clean.  Because she is such a squishy face,, Penelope will always need daily wrinkle cleaning and skin maintenance.  She is still a shy girl but loves her some loving.  She is very sweet and loves everyone.  Penelope is laid back and not a rowdy girl.  She really does not play much with her fur siblings but they all get along.  Workmen have been in the house this week so she has retreated to her crate.  I am sure she will be glad when they are gone as they make too much scary noise.

8/16/16 Update:  Penelope is becoming more self assured each day. She has learned good things happen in the kitchen and she wants to be a part of it. Penelope still does not interact too much with her fur siblings, but she loves all humans. Doc added a med for her skin and, along with her baths and good food, her skin and fur are looking better. Penelope is not a fan of the rain and did not want to go out. She went right back into the house and waited for the rain to quit. The cooler weather allowed for her to take a walk. She still likes to sit on the treadmill, though. Penelope is a sweet gentle soul… so deserving to be a princess.

8/21/16 Update:  Penelope had another great week, eating, sleeping and getting treats.  She is certainly easy to please.  Penelope has become fond of her towel rubs after her baths and could sit there for hours getting towel dried.  Penelope has not shown an interest in toys yet but then she probably never had toys.  Maybe she will come to enjoy toys in time.  She is getting to be a chunky nugget and her skin is looking much better.  Penelope loves small children but does not interact much with fur siblings except for the occasional sniff.  All three bullies eat their meals together and then go from bowl to bowl to see if anything is left.  This girl is a sweetheart!