Penny Grace

Penny Grace

I’ve always heard that all good things must come to a end and today, ends my job as being the official Bulldog greeter at Bright Star Vet Clinic!

That’s right… I am moving on and moving out of rescue! I have been in rescue since August and I have loved every day of it.

At night, I would get in the truck and go home with Dr. Larsen and do some supervising at her house. In the morning, I would put on my official Bulldog greeter vest and badge and start my day off at the vet clinic.

I have made so many friends and I have had so many kisses and so many hugs. When I told everyone that I was ready to find my own family, they could not believe it.

On my adoption day, there were so many tears, but they were happy tears. I sat in Dr. Larsen’s lap one last time and I explained to her that I felt like my job at the vet clinic was done. I had picked out my replacement and I was confident that she would carry on where I was leaving off.

So, here I am with my new dad, Mike, and my new mom, Ava. Penny Grace has left the building and has moved to the country, and I could not be any happier!

Hello all you bulldog people, it’s me Penny Grace checking in to the Bulldog B&B. No sad stories for me, my family just wanted me to be happy.  I am 4 years old and have lived with my family for about 18 months. I have lived with kids and other dogs, but for the life of me I never got used to everyone. I have always been scared, darting from room to room, staying in a different part of the house, hoping that no one would see me.  For as long as I can remember people and loud noises just scared me. I know this sounds crazy, but I just could not relax and feel at home. I can’t remember the first couple years of my life so maybe something happened way back then, I just don’t know.  It took some time for my family to realize their family was not the right family for me. I have been thinking about where I want to live and I think I want a quiet, calm, stay at home family where their Idea of a night out is eating popcorn and watching a movie at home. Today I went to the pet store and tried on some new collars and everyone wanted to pet me.  It was fabulous. Everyone told me not to be scared that everyone loves bulldogs . A lady got down in the floor and rolled around with me and talked really soft to me.  That’s the kind of family I need, a really soft spoken family that understands me.  Tomorrow I am going to see Dr. Larsen because she loves to get down in the floor with the bulldogs.  I need a little bulldog beauty treatment and then I will be looking for my family.  A quiet, soft spoken family that understands me, Penny Grace, as beautiful as can be.

12/19/19 Update:  Penny Grace Here!  I’m writing to you while I’m eating  Christmas cookies! Let me get the icing off my face and I’ll get on with the update.

You haven’t heard from me in a while, but I’m right here, having a great time!  Everyone here has spoiled me, because when I came to Rescue, I was very shy.  I would scrunch down when you tried to rub my head, hide under things and in corners.  It took everyone a long time to win my trust.  They had to go slow and speak softly to me.  Loud noises scared me.  I’m a lot better now.  Once I get to know and trust someone, that’s when you get to see who I really am.

I’ve learned to walk on my leash like a CHAMP!  I play in the yard with all my new people friends.  I love to play with my toys, but I love to play with people more.  I’m very healthy.  I am 4-years old and have the energy of a puppy when I play.  I can also, sit and cuddle with you when its’ quiet time.  I will be honest, I Pick and Choose the Fur Friends I Like!  I don’t get along with all fur babies.  I don’t know if something happened in my past life that made me that way, or I just need to trust my fur friends like I do my people friends.

I had my Christmas photos taken the other day.  There’s a secret about my pictures.  I was very unsure of the camera, costumes and props.  They scared me.  Here’s the secret!  My friend Vet Tech Heather got under the red blanket and talked to me while I posed.  So, every time you see the red blanket in a photo, Heather’s under it.  She came up with the idea and it worked.  That’s because I trust her.  That proves once I trust someone, I can do anything!

If your single or a couple without a pet we could be a family!  If you’re a family without a pet, we could be a family! I might even like to have a family with a brother or sister if I check them out first.  I would just love to have a family! Merry Christmas, Penny Grace