Penny Irene

Penny Irene

Today was the day Penny Irene has been dreaming of, she was adopted! That’s right, this sweet girl went fast. She knew just what she wanted and she found it – a skin mom, dad, brother & sister and no fur siblings to contend with! Also, they promised to have lots of food, treats, toys and beds for me! And my fur brother even told me that maybe I can share the bed with him.

They are super chill & won’t make me do that miserable exercise stuff but will let me cuddle on the couch to watch movies with them!

Today is my Gotcha’Day, a  day better than a birthday!  I can’t wait to celebrate the rest of my days with this family who already loves me & I love them

Hello everyone, Penny Irene here, and today I have joined rescue.  I know you are wondering why a beautiful lady like myself is looking for another family so let me tell you. I seem to make some people sneeze and cough when they see me coming. It is not that I want to do that, but it just happens. Even though I take my fair share of showers it was something about my fur that made them sneeze. Oh, I was not allergic to them at all, but boy did they sneeze around me. My family realized keeping me separated from the general population was not fair to me. So with tears in their eyes they decided I needed a family where I could sit in everyone’s lap and get kissed on the lips. So, here I am headed to sit in Dr. Larsen’s lap to let her know that even if she sneezes I am not going to get down. I am going to sit with her all day!

8/12/19 Update:  I’ve officially left the vet and I’m in a foster home, getting all ready to start looking through applications! I’ve been holding-up at the vet for a while because we don’t have enough foster homes, which means a perfect girl like me didn’t have a helper to publish my updates. But, I’ve got it now and I plan to make up for lost time! I am so happy to be in a home and getting cuddles all to myself! Since arriving, I got to ride in the car, run around the house, and jump on the big bed! Better yet, foster mom and I got to watch some TV together. I love to watch TV! I’m also the only girl here, which I like. All those ladies’ hormones at the vet? Ugh. I’m not one for drama, so I’m done with other girls for a while. I deserve to be the leading lady who gets all the pets!

While I’m perfect about doing my business outside and a good crate girl, Foster Mom said I still need to learn manners. But she doesn’t understand I have a play-time backlog. Maybe after some time I’ll come around to these silly ‘drop, come, off and sit’ words she keeps saying. For now, though, I’m just so happy to be here and to share my adventures with you.

If you are looking for a young dog (or a big puppy) and you love to watch TV, play and be a little spastic, I just might be your girl! Complete you application soon and maybe you’ll be matched to me.