Penny has been adopted! When Roxie left for the Rainbow Bridge, she took Rita’s heart with her. But this weekend, Rita received a Mother’s Day gift that will keep on giving. Rita was given Penny, her foster dog, for Mother’s Day. Rita had wanted Penny for as long as she had fostered her, but Randy, her hubby kept saying no ~ only because he wanted her to be surprised on Mother’s Day with the best gift ever. We’re told Rita was shocked, speechless and the happiest she’s been in a long time. Penny was surrendered to rescue out of love, and she has not skipped a beat. Penny is still loved and will live the life of a princess, complete with a new collar with bow and a matching leash from P Dawg accessories for bulldogs. Happy Mother’s Day, Rita and Penny. Rescue loves you to pieces!

From Rita: Dianne called and said she had another foster for me. “She is beautiful; you will love her,” Dianne said. Dianne knows I love the little Bulldogs, so when she showed up with a 70 pound ball of energy, I was taken aback. However, the minute Penny walked into this house, I knew she just belonged here. Roxy has been terribly missed and Katie is an independent girl, so the time was right and I sorely needed a hug buddy. The hubby was skeptical about another family member so soon, but all the while, he was plotting this Mother’s Day surprise with Dianne. I am thrilled beyond belief to have Penny to love and care for. She will forever be safe and loved. This blessing could not have come at a better time, as we have a hole in our family this Mother’s Day. This rescue group rescues people too, not just dogs.

Sweet Penny has joined rescue as an owner surrender. Her family has experienced a number of setbacks and was no longer able to provide the care she deserves. After months of anguish and trying everything, they reached out to rescue. Penny is a beautiful 2 year old girl.

4/10/17 Update:  Hey folks it’s me, Bulldog Penny checking in from “out of the vet’s office and moving into a foster home!”  I must say my life is amazing. I had my lady parts removed and I had a nip-tuck on my eye and I feel like a “Brand New Woman!”  My foster Mom called my first Mom to ask her a few questions about be; like what I like to eat, and how often, cause I have been on a little hunger strike. Hunger strike over, and now my foster Mom knows I LOVE table food. I love friend chicken, and cheese, pizza and bacon and eggs. I am a huge fan of grilled salmon and brown rice. I did not get this “pleasing plump” by skipping many meals. Tonight I am going to try dog food in a bag again, with some salmon sprinkled on top, so we will see how that goes. Foster Mom promises that she will not let me starve to death during my transition from table food to bag food. Second thing my foster Mom wanted to know was why I did not want to walk on a leash. Simple question. I love to be carried!  Yep, all 70 lbs of me loves to be carried.  Tonight I am going to the store to get a harness and I hear I have some leash training lessons ahead. What I do on a leash is “drop and roll, or sit and wait,”  and I have been known to just fall over on my side. Third thing my foster Mom wanted to know was “How did I get to be the beautiful, funny, playful, entertainer that I am?”  I was born a natural comedian!  I can run fast, steal every toy and throw them up in the air all while I am galloping around the yard.  I have never met a stranger, I love all things with fur, and I adore kids.  My foster mom has a crush on me, she kisses my face and she tried to put a tutu on me. News Flash, big girls don’t wear tutu’s. I tore that thing right off! I am not a tutu wearing lady but I can so rock anything with glitter! My name is Penny and I put the P in PERFECTION!

5/2/17 Update:  Penny perfect! Penny is a big girl with a big heart. Penny loves her foster siblings and all people. Little ones need to be careful though, as Penny’s enthusiasm can be a bit overwhelming. Penny loves everything in a home… couches, beds, toys (including skin children toys) and especially pets and hugs. Penny is great at cleaning up after mealtime. Everything is spotless once Penny cleans up after her fur siblings, including the floor. Penny is still fairly young so she needs to be watched so she doesn’t eat toys or anything on the floor that she shouldn’t. Penny also likes to go out several times a day to do her business. Penny is a joy and was much loved in her past life.

5/8/17 Update:  Penny loves her outside sun time.  She stakes out her spot and gets comfortable.  Penny is as sweet as can be and loves her humans.  Being a big girl does not stop Penny from being playful though she may be a bit much at times with the little ones.  She minds well and fits right in.