Petey has been adopted! From his foster momma: Petey found his very last and forever home and family and what a family they are! He now has of his very own a skin brother, a Bulldog sister, Violet, and a BIG brother named Winston. Petey is already being showered with love, treats and his very own Jolly Ball. Foster Mom and Dad will miss this special little guy….happy tails, Petey boy!

Petey’s surrendering mom could not have been any nicer or sadder. It was apparent that Petey was loved for the 2 months the family had him. But, taking Petey meant taking on a large expense because he had not been to a vet since he was sold at 8 weeks old.

Petey has no idea what happened to him or why he kept being passed around. He’s a great guy ~ he loves kids, other dogs, and is a excellent soccer player. But Petey has ear, eye and skin infections, along with a bad hot spot on his neck. We were told the infections get treated, they get better and then they come back. Petey’s surrendering family knew this was a Bulldog issue and that he needed Bulldog people to get him well and find him a great family, so he could get the care and attention he deserved. We asked his surrendering mom what kind of family would make him happy and without hesitation she said, “A family with kids who play soccer or will kick a ball to him. A family he can lay beside and he can touch, and a family that can get him the medical care he never has gotten. He needs a family that will love him with all their hearts.”

9/21/17 Update:  Petey continues his stay at the clinic. He is such a sweet and energetic boy. He loves to go out in the back yard and play chase with the staff. He has a place on the side of his neck that looks like a healing burn that is receiving treatment. He is also waiting to be neutered. He is waiting until he finishes his antibiotic for an upper respiratory infection before that happens. In the meantime, he will kick back and relax and run laps around the yard while he waits to meet his new forever family.

10/1/17 Update:  Petey has landed in his foster home as of yesterday and he is such a cutie.  So far he is getting along with his foster brother and sisters very well and has already engaged them in play.  Stay tuned as we discover more about this little guy!

10/8/17 Update:  Petey had an amazing first week in his foster home. This Bulldog is such a gentleman. He gets along with all of his foster siblings, even putting up with a particular foster sister that will annoyingly rip a toy straight from his mouth! He just lets it roll off his back and grabs another toy. Petey does love to play and is just so happy and loving. This 2 year old weighs about 60 lbs and would do great in just about any home. He is crate trained, house trained and he is getting the leash thing, but he still gets excited and will pull you along. It’s not just playing that Petey is about, he loves a good snuggle with his humans and will flop over for a belly rub if you so desire.
This gorgeous blonde is the whole package!