Phat Phat

Phat Phat

You read that right, the two voluptuous white coated beauties were adopted!!!

Here’s what they shared:  It was not long ago when we girls decided to retire from making babies and try a new type of life. One of relaxation, snuggling, hugs, kisses and unconditional love. We made a pact to never leave each other for better or worse and well, we are pleased to announce it was definitely for BETTER!

We just met some very loveable people and boy did we make them laugh! We heard that they have done this adoption thing many times before and they are committed to giving girls like us the best life possible. They promised that we would be able to stay together and that the years of kisses and snuggles we missed out on would be made up for!!  It didn’t take long for us to pack our bags as we didn’t have much. In fact, we have more junk in our trunks than we did in our suitcase if you know what I mean!

We appreciate all the love that the Rescue, Dr. Larsen and each person that came across our path gave us as we excitedly embarked on what lies ahead!

Please welcome Lulu and Phat Phat to our rescue family!  Lulu writes: We joined rescue last week, on the hottest day of the year, so we did NOT want to stand outside for pictures. But today, we thought we would make our debut! I have the leash around my neck and Phat Phat does not.

We are sisters, from the same litter, and have never been apart. Not for one day. And we are not about to go our separate ways now. So, with that said, we are looking for a family that wants two beautiful, full-figured ladies. We are really no trouble. We are just double the pleasure and double the fun.

I’ve heard people whisper that we might need to go on a DIET, but they were confused. We are happy with our weight. It protects us from being taken by weak kidnappers. I am heavier than Phat Phat, but she is wider that me.

We love spa day and absolutely love to be spoiled with special treats. We have been around kids, but not cats. We might look too plump to run, but if we see a rabbit, you will see some fur flying. So, cat people? Not sure if we are the sisters for you. We have also been around other Bulldogs and we liked them too.

We are ready for a family and that family will be as happy as can be when they see me, Lulu and my sister, Phat Phat, two beautiful Bulldogs who are as sweet as can be.

8/30/19 Update:  I wanted to check-in with you from the round exercise ring at Dr. Larsen’s. And if you’re wondering where Lulu is… she is sleeping a few feet from me. I got the round ring with a huge stuffed animal because everyone calls me “special.” I am the smaller one, and the perfect one, or at least I think so. I had a surgery and now I am recovering. I thought I would recover best laying on some pillows. And I was right. Pillows are great! Lulu and I will be ready to meet our new family in about 7 to 10 days. We hope that family is ready to meet us too!

9/21/19 Update:  Saturday was such an exciting day! We got to meet so many people at the event. They pet us, told us we were pretty and some even said they wish they could take us home. Plus, we even got to take home new matching beds!

We heard that we get to go meet some more people on Sunday. We are so excited! Paws crossed…