Phil Hobson

Phil Hobson

We’d like to share the great news that Phil Hobson has found his forever home! And we’d also like to share that the home he’s found is ours. Phil (we’re on a first name basis 😊) came into rescue in March, and joined our happy little menagerie in April.

He was in pretty rough shape when he joined rescue- severely infected ear resulting in deafness, very thin, little hair (and what hair he had was crusted and hard), some spine and thyroid issues. Phil had lived a hard life, and was abandoned by whatever family he may have once had. We originally thought Phil was around 6 years old, but after recent a recent oral surgery, we believe he’s closer to 9.

This isn’t a sad story, though- not at all. Phil is a sweet, happy and loving boy who gets along famously with his two sisters and two brothers (fellow Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue alumni Diesel and Otis). Add a couple of fosters into the mix and Phil will never be lonely again!

He’s a great kisser, the best leg-licker in the business, has a healthy set of pipes (which we’re working on) and we couldn’t be luckier or happier to have him in our family. Phil’s new address (should you feel like dropping him a line) is Easy Street from here on out.

Please welcome Phil Hobson to our rescue family. Phil was surrendered to a local shelter because his family no longer had the time for him.

Unfortunately, he’s a bit of a medical wreck – bad skin, a horrible UTI and a double ear infection. He smells worse than death, but the saddest part is that he seems to have given up… he barely will raise his head.

Dr. Phil Hobson served at Texas A&M University for over 45 years and passed away recently. He was a favorite of our Dr. Larsen. She states, “Dr. Phil Hobson was one of my favorite professors and was a soft tissue surgeon extraordinaire. He invented many techniques which saved so many lives.  He taught well into his 80’s, and was a kind, gentle man who influenced generations of Aggie veterinarians. I was so appreciative of his teaching and his mentorship. While he was small framed man, he had a huge heart, a great sense of humor and a big laugh.”

Phil, we’re here for you and we’re determined to make you feel better. Better yet? You are already loved.

3/20/19 Update:  Our Phil is already doing better. He is still in isolation with a runny nose and green snot. But he becomes more outgoing every day and finally seems to be enjoying life again.

5/20/19 Update:   Phil Hobson is in the house!  Phil came into Rescue in such horrible condition.  Hardly any hair, ear infections and just an all around mess.  After spending 2 months with Dr. Larsen and her team, Phil looks amazing!!  His skin is healing, hair is coming back and he’s gained some much needed weight.  He still has some healing to do, but he is well on his way.  We think Phil is around 5 years in age, but it has been a hard five for him.  He has some arthritis in his hips and probably his shoulder, which gives him his funny and lumbering gait.  In his former life, a surgery was performed on his right ear, where they close off the canal due to chronic infections.  It gets him off all of the meds, which is better for him in the long run.  He’s got a cute little head tilt from this, too.  Is Phil all bulldog? Nah.  Probably some boxer in there and maybe something else. Phil is a big boy and that just adds to his charm.  Now, his personality-Phil is just about the sweetest and kindest foster that we have ever had in our home.  He is shy at first, wanting love and snuggles so badly, but he kinda hangs back until you invite him into your space.  He is getting along with all of his foster brothers and sisters, just content to lay around with them either inside or out on the patio.

If Phil were human, you’d call him a simple man with simple needs.  Now, foster dad and I are having to break some habits that he developed in the clinic.  See, they were pretty crazy about this bullie and spoiled him just a bit.  Okay, a lot!  Phil also likes to “talk”  when I am fixing all of the meals for the dogs, saying to me, “hurry up, lady”!  This boy loves his food and even wants yours-which he will happily let you know.

We are working on his house training and feel confident he will get it soon.  He would do great in a home  with other dogs and kids.  Phil deserves to have a life of luxury and we are on the hunt to find him just that in his forever home.

6/17/19 Update:  Phil Hobson here, wanting all to know how my week has been in my foster home.  It has been fabulous, I tell you.  All my favorite things in the world are here: food, couches and dog beds.  I guess you can say I do love being comfortable and foster mom says I will always have it from here on out.  I am a very easy guy to please, if I do say so myself.  Two squares a day and  a few treats thrown in, I’m a happy camper.  There are some other boys and girls here that look like me and we all get along. I’m even starting to play with one or two of them…I kinda like it.  I also decided to pick up one of those bones my fosters are raving about and it actually was fun to chew.  Who knew?  Foster mom gets real excited when I go to the backdoor to let her know that I need to get out as soon as possible to do my business.  I just give her a whine or a bark and she says what a good boy I am.  Think I’ll do it more often, it’s easy enough and I do like to please her.  Yep, she is growing on me….foster dad, too.  I feel real safe and loved around here and I reward them with kisses and snuggles.  Do you need a best friend in your home?