Phoenix Wilder

Phoenix Wilder

Phoenix Wilder has been adopted and he hit the jackpot with his new forever family. He was so excited when they came to pick him up yesterday. Way to go, PW! You have the best life ahead of you, sweet boy.


Hello everybody, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Phoenix Wilder and today is the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!  It has been a TOUGH life so far to say the least but this dude that came and got me keeps telling me that all that is over and it’s sunshine and rainbows from here on out!  He is certainly right so far.

Last Friday I thought my life was over. I was minding my own business down in Alvarado when out of nowhere, BAM, this truck smashed into me!!!!!  It kinda knocked me out and when I woke up, some nice Texas folks had picked me up and were taking me to a Doctor. As you can see, I’m in pretty rough shape and the Doc looked at me and told me I didn’t have any broken bones or anything but I needed a LOT of help. The awesome folks at Alvarado Animal Control got in touch with the rescue and today, THE RESCUE TRUCK SHOWED UP!!!  I overheard them telling the crazy guy that picked me up that they thought I had been set on fire and burned real bad a while ago cause I have a bunch of scars all over me that have healed but they couldn’t be sure. Honestly, I don’t remember, to tell you the truth I have tried hard to forget everything before today. This dude that picked me up said I was going to get to see the “Best Bulldog Doctor this side of the Pecos” (his words, not mine) on Wednesday and she would figure out what was going on with my skin and what needed to be done to fix it. I can’t wait!!!!

Folks, I ain’t one to ask for a handout, I’ve been on my own all my life ya know, but I’m in real bad shape. If you feel like it, I could really use your prayers. It’s hard for me to even get my picture taken right now so I apologize for the bad snaps, I promise I’ll get some better ones taken real soon. I wanna leave you with something I heard as soon as I saw the rescue truck, “No Bulldog left behind.”

2/5/22 Update:   It’s been a while since you’ve had an update from me.  I’ve been on medical hold since October, but now I’m out and about, living my best life in my new foster home and looking for my forever home.

If you remember, I had been hit by a truck, had heart worm treatment and have these burn scars all over my body from who knows what.  I guess someone from my past didn’t love me very much.  I’ve had some bad luck to say the least.

I spent lots of time with the fabulous folks at the vet while they took good care of me for four months.  Then one day earlier this week they put me in the car and said, “Time to go!” and brought me to my new foster home.

I love it here!  I may look sad on the outside, but I have a very happy disposition!  I LOVE my bed and toys.  I’m a very playful dude!  I’m young and still learning my manners.  Sometimes I know to go outside to potty….sometimes I don’t!

The vet isn’t sure that my hair will grow back where I have those burn scars.  That’s okay though, my foster mom calls me Handsome  instead of Phoenix sometimes and I’m okay with that.  They also call me PW or PDubs for short.

Do you have room in your heart for a sweet guy like me?

2/22/22 Update:    I’m still looking for a forever home and a family to love. I’m a pretty laid back type of dog. I love kids, people and other dogs. I ride well in the car and do great on walks. I do have some issues with going potty inside my crate at night, but other than that… I’m PERFECT!  I’m a good boy and have lots of love to offer. 

3/7/22 Update:    I’ve been doing well in my foster home.  As you can see from the picture, I love kids and I love my bed. 

3/14/22 Update:  While I’ve got Phoenix at my home, I thought we would have some fun…. I think Phoenix Wilder can pull off a Willie Nelson.

Phoenix is such a sweet boy and we are having such a good time. He’s probably saying “What the heck? Am I in the Twilight Zone?”

3/18/22 Update:  Don’t let my scars fool you – I may have had a rough past, but all of that is behind me now. I’m enjoying life with my foster family as I wait for my forever home.  

I love to play outside! I have been enjoying the beautiful spring weather. Oh, but I don’t like lightning and thunderstorms! They do scare me a bit.  

I get along with other dogs. I like kids. I love my foster mom, but if you want the truth….I prefer my foster dad the most. I have never met a stranger and love all people, but I seem to bond tightly with men more than women.

My days consist of sleeping, chewing my Benebone toys, going outside and sniffing the backyard, eating treats, greeting my foster family when they come home from work, grunting like an old man and laying under the recliner seats of the couch.  

I don’t have any major medical needs. I have some daily supplements that I take and I get a weekly bath to help my skin.  

3/30/22 Update:  This week, my foster parents have been teaching me this brand new thing they call “snuggling.” I don’t know anything about it because I never had a loving family of my own before. 

My family also is teaching me how to lay calmly in their bed, instead of running around like a wild man. Then, they do this amazing thing, where I lay on my back (something I’m not used to) and they rub my belly! I couldn’t believe it. It was actually a nice treat. 

I’m just not used to this stuff, but it’s something I think I can get used to going forward. I hope my furever family will keep the lovin’ comin’!

5/2/22 Update:   My new favorite activity is hanging out in the backyard at my foster home. I love to be outside and I could sit out there for hours!  There’s a cat on the other side of the fence that I’m very curious about. Sometimes, I just sit and stare at the fence, hoping that kitty will come over and let me chase him!  

I’m still searching for the right family. Maybe that’s yours?

6/3/22 Update:  I’m checking in from Camp Greenlee. Foster Mom and the family went on a vacation, so I get to spend a week at the Greenlee Summer Camp for Dogs. What great place it is! This is my photo at drop-off ~ check out my Fri-yay smile. 

My two cabin mates, Otis and Daisy, are fun to be around. We sniffed it out and then took a little stroll down the street. I know we’re going to have lots of fun this week. 

I love all the squirrels at this camp! Can’t wait for Day #2. 

6/9/22 Update:  The head counselor at camp was tied up this morning, so she apologizes for the delay in getting you an update.

So, we had a luau last night. Let’s just say I didn’t like my attire and took it off quickly! They mentioned a Star Wars party tonight. 

I’ve been spending a lot of time with Daisy. She loves to sunbathe. I do too! When the counselor says, “Hot Hot,” Daisy runs right into the cabin, so I do too! We have to be careful not to overheat or get sunburns.

Today was my last day at Camp Greenlee. We celebrated with something called a Sprinkles pupcake. It was delicious, so I ate two!

Paws up to Counselor Reese for taking such good care of me these last few days. I’m going to miss her and I know she’s going to miss me!

Seriously, he’s been the easiest house guest. He jumped right into our pack and it’s been a terrific visit. He listens, not mischievous, loves to look out our front window. He just lays around! Pretty much the dog anyone could ask for…. Anyone would be lucky to call him their dog.

6/13/22 Update:  Wow what an awesome time I’m having at camp Hope! There’s dirt, and goats, and so much space and the best part, a pool! I’ve had the best time hanging out on the pool ledge watching my human camp buddies swim while I cool off as well. I have the best four legged bunkies and we’re getting along great. We even ran all over the huge yard together after dinner the other day and it was just the best.

6/21/22 Update:  Wow! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the toys piled up around Phoenix. He is full of surprises and a toy hoarder! 

Phoenix is such a super sweet and happy guy. He is always smiling and you can’t resist his charms. I know I can’t! My heart melts for this guy and so will yours. 

Phoenix is beautiful inside and out. You just look at Phoenix and you melt. Phoenix is just IRRESISTIBLE!