I was given the name PIPER by the wonderful Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue lady who saved me from certain death….you see, that is what happens to puppymill dogs when they can no longer have more puppies.  The story is long but let me just tell you how I have lived the last 4 years.  I was locked in a cage 24/7, I slept, ate, went potty and waited for someone to save me from the HELL that I was faced with each and every day.  I had no name, was never loved, never petted….never cared for.  I WAS A MONEY MACHINE, not a loving member of a family.  I waited and waited to be saved.

My body shows all the signs of being breed over and over.  You might have noticed that my leg/paw looks kind of funny. The vet says I was either born that way or it was broken and never fixed so I walk kinda funny.  But that’s ok, I am just happy I can finally WALK, not being locked in a cage.  I still had C-section stitches when they found me.  The wonderful doctor who spayed me said it was one of the hardest he had ever done due to all the scar tissue from numerous litters.  THANKFULLY I will never have my puppies taken away from me and sold at a flea market again.

My foster family is helping me learn to be a normal pet.  I am really scared but they PROMISE me I will never be hungry, hit, abused our forced to live in my own filth again. In fact, they are really nice…I never knew humans were capable of love.

A note from Pipers foster Mom:  I must say that of the 16 fosters I have had I have NEVER had a bully with such a broken heart and spirit.  Piper quickly grabbed the hearts of the staff at the vet’s office and has done the same in our home.  Piper is slowly starting to trust us.  She would never come out of her crate if you let her, but we are constantly working on being OUT of the crate, living a normal pet’s life in our home.  Piper is learning basic commands, we are working our house training and she is catching on quick. This girl has no idea what is going on.  She was even uncertain at first of being petted.  There are still days that I have to carry her out because she gets scared to move. I have three other bulldogs in the house and she is starting to watch and follow their lead.  A big breakthrough came at dinner the other night, they all gather behind me waiting and when I turned around she was there too!  We were all in tears.  It’s amazing how the smallest things are BIG things for Piper.

My hope for this precious girl is to find a family that is home more than not.  A family with lots of love, patience and understanding that she needs lots of extra care.  I never want her locked in a crate again! Piper deserves to be curled up on a big cozy bed.  I know Piper will be a gift to the perfect family.  She is a survivor and has so much love to give!

Piper is up to date on her vaccinations and on a heartworm preventative, her adoption fee is $500.