Today little miss Pollyanna found her furever family! Last night, she packed up her goodies, got a good night’s sleep and hit the road this morning to impress her new skin mom, brothers and sister. She put on her Polly smile and flaunted her nose wrinkle and wiggle butt, all to make sure she showed off her best assets. She then jumped in her new crate, with a new fluffy bed, with a new bone, a new toy and was given a treat. She hunkered down for the long drive south to her new furever home where she will get to be the only dog in her newly converted Bulldog-loving family. Being the center of the attention is just perfect for her!

We love you, Polly Poo Poo! Happy furever after!

Despite the difficulties life sometimes throws your way, there is always something to smile about. As I like to say, “When you look for the bad, expecting it, you will get it.” So, I never look for the bad! I like to live my life playing the Glad Game – that’s why I am such a happy girl, I see things to be glad about everywhere!

I have had a good life. I lived in a trailer, had lots of puppies, and when my baby-making days were over, at the spry young age of 6, I was given to rescue to find a forever family! Pretty good, right? As the gladdest girl in Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue, let me tell you a little more about me. I am very happy, love (almost) everything – people, dogs, beds, couches, laps, eating, sleeping, playing, car rides, crates – you name it!

I do my business outside (except for that one time, but I was sorry). I know sit. And, though I may have some extra puppy pounds right now, I am a tiny little girl with short little legs, a wiggle butt and a wagging tail. I wag & wiggle a lot because I am so happy! Oh, and I am helpful. If you aren’t petting me, I will kindly paw at you to remind you that you really should be petting me! Helpful, right?

There are a few other things I should share: if a dog tries to steal the toy I am playing with, I might growl. If I am left alone, I have a pretty good bark I might share with you. And I know a trick… it is called the ‘crate escape.’ I showed these rescue folks, but they learned quick how to prevent my crate escape (I am working to figure out another trick though). Well, that is enough for now. I’m headed to the vet to get an ‘ain’t-a-mommy-no-more-makeover,’ then I’ll be already to meet a forever family!

5/8/19 Update:  Pollyanna is my name and loving you is my game! I’m a happy girl with love for life! I like short walks (really short!), long naps (pretty long!) and FOOD! My favorite food is …. anything! Whatever you are feeding me or eating. I like it.

I am happy to play with a bone, ball or some other dogs, but better yet, I love it when you pet me! I heard someone say that I was about 6, but I don’t know numbers or what that means. I do know that the little dogs around this place & I get along great, so I still got it! I have a nose rope to die for, if I do say so myself. But overall this body is built for comfort, not for speed! Who doesn’t like a little more lady to love?!  Basically, all you really need to know is I am cute, cuddly, happy and you really need a lady like me in your life!

Now send in your information so I can learn a little bit about you… pictures of toys, beds, food, treats welcome. You may be matched to me! 💕Pollyanna

5/12/19 Update:  Pollyanna continues to be a perfect little guest in her foster home! She plays with, cleans 👅 & snuggles the other dogs in the house, old & young. She welcomes human visitors to the foster home with a bark, immediately followed by a wiggle butt, wagging tiny tail and a paw 🐾 in the air to get pets 💕. And she is an angel 👼🏻 😇 for her baths 🛁!

Her new favorite things … other than FOOD!.. are:
– the gray dog bed with the bolsters 🛌
– the Chuck-It rubber balls 🏀
– and Benebones 🦴 ❤️
She gets a little protective/ possessive of ‘her toys’ (or any toy she whimsically determines are/should be hers 🤦🏻‍♀️). If the ‘toy thieves’ (aka other dogs) try to come near her when she has a toy, or when there is a toy near by, or when they have a toy & she decides she wants , she moves quick to ensure the toy is protected (#MineMineAllMine). Thankfully, she knows her name. She stops & understands when we raise our voices. She quickly corrects her behavior (usually with a toy secured).

Pollyanna, Polly, Poo-Poo is a funny, sweet, little expressive bundle of Bulldog joy! We are so lucky to be her foster parents and are excited to help her find the perfect furever family.