Pony Boy

Pony Boy

Pony Boy (left) and Roscoe Lee found their forever home! The best thing is they get to stay together. This lovely family loved both so much, they didn’t want to separate them. The boys will now be brothers forever! We are so happy for the boys and this loving and wonderful family.

Welcome three year old Pony Boy to rescue. There are emergencies and then there are real emergencies. Pony Boy today entered rescue as a real emergency. We had been picked up by a local animal control and it was obvious he was in distress. They could tell he was struggling to urinate and was only able to get out a few dribbles. Yet he was friendly and wanting to snuggle and get belly rubs when I met him.

On the way to the vet he occasionally moaned and yelped. It was obvious he was in pain. X-rays showed an extremely large bladder. They immediately drained 600 milliliters of urine. The X-rays also showed a stone lodged in his penis. So as soon as he was ready, they operated and removed two stones. He is now resting comfortably. Dr. Larsen believes another day and he would have died.

Besides this, we are waiting to see if all the pressure damaged the bladder or kidneys. His eyes and ears are a mess. He has ulcers on both eyes. He has severe urine stains and scalding on his belly. He had some dental work and one tooth removed today. He still needs to be neutered and he is heart worm positive. He is very thin and weighs only 34 pounds. So he has a ways to go.

Remember this sweet boy in your thoughts and prayers. And please consider making a donation for his care. 

1/28/19 Update:  8 p.m. update: Pony Boy continues to have bleeding issues. The doc gave him more vitamin K. He was bleeding around the catheter so she had to remove it and put a tight belly band on him for a while. The doc took him home with her and he was giving her kisses on the drive home. If the bleeding doesn’t stop or she can’t keep a catheter in, she may have to operate again and reroute the urethra out his abdomen.
9:37 p.m. update: So far, the bleeding has stopped. The doc pressure wrapped his abdomen and gave 3 more cc of vitamin K prior to moving him to her house. At this point, he can strain and urinate drops. The doc gave him more pain meds, a can of Hills A/D via syringe and some Nutrical. His color is still pink, so he’s not bleeding enough that he needs blood. We will see where he is in morning. He’s whining, but it has been an eventful day.

1/29/19 Update on Pony Boy from Dr. Larsen: He stayed with me again last night, and has a different collar. His catheter is still running and there’s less blood. He ate his dinner, so that’s good. This guy is so thin… so sad. His eyes are terrible. He can barely see due to entropion and ulcers. But he’s such a great patient and had tolerated EVERYTHING we have done to help, even though it may have hurt. Keep the prayers going!

2/2/19 Update:  Pony Boy is getting 300 milliliters of IV fluid each day. The doc wants to be sure he stays hydrated and flushes his kidneys. He has some cystine crystals in his urine. She thinks this was caused by his starvation. She is talking to a vet from Royal Canin about it and what food they recommend. He is pooping and peeing fine when he goes outside. But he is a little incontinent when he sleeps. We don’t know if this permanent or not. His bladder was so stretched, we expected he would struggle with his control for a while until it fully contracted. He’s not a fan of the Royal Canin food they are currently giving him, but he will gobble down the Nature’s Recipe they feed the other dogs. He will put his toys in the food bowl and pull his blanket over it to cover it up. But he will eat the Royal Canin *canned* food. We hear he ate better today and actually trotted a little bit outside. He went home with the doc again tonight (because he deserves special treatment!

3/20/19 Update:  I am doing good in my foster home. On the doctor’s special orders, I must have a nice bed, gain weight and receive belly rubs. So far I have done all three without any issues. My eyes are looking so much better now. I’m still working on my potty training. The only issue is I am drinking so much water lately. I still have to go back to the vet for my heartworm treatment. Then I will have a month-long recovery thereafter. I will be keeping warm in my nice sweaters and laying in my special bed beside my foster pops at night. My foster mom got me a stuffed animal that has become my buddy. This Sunday, I will be in Keller at our next rescue event. If you want to come meet me, please join us.

5/10/19 Update:   I’m also known as PB! I am sadly in solitary confinement 😩 because I just had my heartworm treatment. I want to run and play with my friends, but I have to stay as calm as possible. This way, those little buggers will go away. Great news is that I get to stay in the master bedroom with my own water and lots of comfy places to lay. Plus, I could get some awesome belly rubs. Definitely not complaining. The count down is real and hopefully flies by. Maybe at the end of it, I’ll get my wish. You know, my furever home is so close, I can feel it. Well, I’m going to take a nap. I’ll check in with you PB fans soon!  ❤️PB

8/22/19 Update:  Thought I would check in with all my followers.  Foster mom and pop took me in to see Doc yesterday.  We needed to check in on this nasty stuff in my body.  Unfortunately, the news wasn’t so good.  With more extensive testing; I do not have E-Coli.  It is something even harder to treat.  I will hopefully begin my treatment Wednesday due to the medication is hard to come by.  I will keep my hopes up and remain in positive spirits.  This treatment is very rare and has some bad side affects.  So if you could please pray for me.  You know I would appreciate.  ❤️ you – PonyBoy!