Princess Sophie

Princess Sophie

Princess Sophie has been adopted! She was so excited, she couldn’t sit still to take a picture. Sophie jumped in the car herself and didn’t look back. Our hearts are overjoyed with the amount of love she will receive.

Sometimes, you just know when it’s time to go, and I felt like this week, I was ready. 

Things have been fun, but I got tired of the farm life. When I heard the rescue wagon was coming through my town, I was ready to go.  

I am on the smaller side for a Bulldog, but I’m thinking that once I’m with my new family, I’ll add some treats to my daily diet.   

I am 4 years old and I tried the family life ~ I had some babies in my day, but those day are behind me. Now, I just want to be a couch potato and watch TV.  

I sat down with Dr. Larsen and had her look at my stomach. Just as I expected: I have a hernia. I am not worried because Dr. Larsen knows how to fix that. 

I am excited about my future and my new family. I hope they have other Bulldogs because I loved having other Bulldogs to play with. 

Well, that’s really all about me for now, except this is pumpkin season and I am going to have everything pumpkin once I leave the vet clinic. Pumpkin season is the best season for me!

10/25/21 Update:  My foster pawrents call me Lil’ So-So because I’m very petite. I’m only about 40 pounds and I’m very agile. I love to go on walks and I’m hoping to meet some neighbor doggies soon! I am also very calm and my favorite thing to do is to cuddle on the couch.

I have been with my foster family for about a week now. I am adjusting very well to my surroundings.  Foster Mom is currently helping me with my itchy/dry skin. 

11/1/21 Update:  My foster mum has been giving me oatmeal aloe baths and coconut oil to help reduce my dry/itchy skin. I’ll also be getting meds soon from Dr. Larsen. 

I have to admit I’ve had a few accidents in the house, but nothing that can’t be corrected with training, consistency and, of course, a yummy treat. I’m always on my best behavior, especially when I go on walks. I’ve learned to sit relatively quickly and I’m working on “stay.” I still think it’s very optional. 

I love to cuddle on a warm couch and I shake like crazy when I get butt scratches. 

11/18/21 Update:   Princess Sophie dropping in for a quick update. Foster mum has noticed that I’m a bit scared of really loud noises. Like, the annoying race car down the street with a very loud muffler. Who’s he trying to impress? Foster mum and I are working on my confidence a bit more and she calms me down when try to make a run for it. I’m not friends with the vacuum cleaner or the lawn mover. The vacuum mostly because I think it’s trying to eat the humans and I want to save them. My skin has improved, I get oat baths twice a week and guess what? I get peanut butter all while I get clean. I also get fresh salmon twice a week so that it help my coat and hopefully stop scratching.

A couple of other things about me:  I’m a world class snuggler! I get dedicated snuggle time after dinner. Talk about Netflix & Chill. I love my crate and I’m very quiet when I sleep. I have not found my favorite toy, but I found unlimited amounts of beef bones with marrow to chew on.

Got to go, time for snuggles!   -Princess Sophie aka “Lil So-so.

12/8/21 Update:  This past week, Dr. Larsen called to check on my itchy skin. Foster Mum did all she could with baths, organic food, and over-the-counter meds/sprays…. Nothing really worked. So, Dr. Larsen sent a magic pill… something called Apoquel. Just two days later and my skin is no longer red and I have scratched very little throughout the day. Foster Mum says my energy has increased, which is great because I love the outdoors! 

My current favorite thing is bathtime and to keep me still, Foster Mum smears peanut butter on the tub wall. It’s a win/win for me.

12/13/21 Update:   Princess Sophie is getting ready for colder days ahead. As you can see, she’s not too fond of puffer jackets. 

Sophie is doing marvelous! She has stopped scratching and much more calm. Sophie has more energy, joy and love, now that she feels so comfortable in her own skin. 

Sophie excels at short sprints that end in a sliding dive! She loves to dance and is a master treat manipulator.

1/3/22 Update:  Princess Sophie is always up for a car ride… anywhere, anytime. She’s become very popular at the CVS drive thru window. The pharmacist even said that she’s the most beautiful and well-behaved Bulldog she’s ever seen!

1/13/22 Update:  Princess Sophie has a very special announcement! She met with a family this past Sunday at their home and has another meet this evening. She would like to share her excitement with a few photos. 

P.S. She’s packed her most important belongings.