Pudge and his forever family hit the jackpot. Pudge does not see was well as he used to. He had bonded with an American Bulldog, Stommie, in his foster home and she would help him find his way. So his new family adopted both dogs to keep them together.

Welcome 5 year old and 80 pound Pudge to Rescue. His original owner left him with his mother to care for temporarily, but never took him back. The mother surrendered him to us when his health issues became more that she could handle.

As you can see, Pudge is aptly named!  Unfortunately, his ears are impacted, his eyes and nose folds are a mess and he has a couple of bad sores on his neck. So he is at the clinic for a complete check-up. But he also came with blankets, beds, food, toys and his own personal blow dryer. He likes being dried that way!!

He loves kids of all ages and has always gotten along with other pets.

4/14/16 Update:  Pudge is having surgery today on his tail and eyes. His ears are clean and clear. He will be ready to go to his foster home on Monday.

4/20/16 Update:  About 85 pounds of awesome, foster boy Pudge has moved to his foster home! He’s recovering from tail and eye surgeries.