Today was a great day for rescue. Both Queenie and her fur sibling Bigum were adopted together. Steve and Brook added these two to their pack. They will join Thor and Tank (formerly Starsky and Hutch) who were previously adopted from our program. Queenie is a perfect lady and she will surely rule this household. Foster dogs are hard to let go, but it is so rewarding to know your foster dog is going to a loving home. Queenie will have chickens and goats as playmates, in addition to her fur brothers. Thank you, Steve and Brook, for opening your hearts and home to these creatures. Queenie is a special girl and lucky to have you all.

Hello all you wonderful people! My name is Queenie and it suits me perfectly. I am just then sweetest girl you will ever meet. I have always been loved and cared for. But things happened in my family so my brother, Bigum, and I had to move on. Bigum is not my real brother, but we are the same age and have always lived together.

I am six years old and in wonderful shape. Someone dared say the Queen was overweight. I think my figure is perfect. I am built like a beautiful box. I am as tall as I am long and as long as I am wide. A perfect box! I absolutely love being around people and other dogs. But I do better if my big ugly brother is with me.

We are not sure if we will be able to stay together, but I hope we do. I get shy and afraid without my big brother to protect me. But if I have to move on by myself, I will do my best to be strong.

Anyway, we will sort that out over the next few weeks. In the meantime, get your application submitted. If someone would like to be matched with both of us, that would be awesome with me.

1/14/19 Update:  Queenie has been in her foster home for only a few days, but she has settled right in. The first test was the kid test and Queenie passed with flying colors. Queenie would like to be the only fur creature getting attention from a little one, but she is learning to share affection. As her name implies, Queenie would like to be the Queen of the household. Queenie had some eyelid work done and looks like a royal beauty for sure. Now for the cone to come off, a luxurious bath and her first ever Valentine’s Day photo session.