Ralphie is a 7 year old, 53 pound owner surrender, who looks and acts much younger than his age. He joins rescue with a very touching story. He was bought as a puppy and he and his owner were soon very devoted to one another. They lived along the Gulf Coast for five years.

Two years ago, Ralphie’s owner suffered a bad stroke. His son in East Texas brought his dad to the local nursing facility for rehab and brought Ralphie to live with him and his family.

The son never really wanted a Bulldog, and already had another dog, but Ralphie was an important part of the dad’s family. The son would often take Ralphie to the nursing home to visit his father and it would light up everyone’s day. The son also made sure Ralphie had the best vet care.

The son contacted us a few months ago about the situation. His personal dog never liked Ralphie and he also had other needs with his family that needed to be addressed. But he could not discuss surrendering Ralphie with his dad.

His dad died several weeks ago and the son contacted and said it was time.

His wish is for Ralphie to find a home like he had with his dad, where he can be the center of someone’s life again. Could you provide that home?