Ramona Lynn

Ramona Lynn

We’ve gone ahead and decided to adopt Ramona! This girl is silly, outgoing and just down right toothache-sweet. She gets along with the other dogs well and just invited herself to sleep with her person of choice for the night. She loves flopping around in the wading pool, like a fish out of water, and is learning how to eat her blueberries on top of her dinner meal.

Hello bulldog family it’s me Ramona and I joined rescue on Wednesday.  And do I have a story to tell.  And it is a true story!  I lived on a farm, and I am going to share my farm experience with everyone.  

From the time I was a baby I wore a cowgirl straw hat.  It had a drawstring and it stayed on my head. And on my farm which was called “Green Acres” lived lots of Llamas.  

Every day I would get up, put my hat on and my mom and me would go outside, and she would start yelling Mama Llama, Mama Lama breakfast time and here they would come. They did not like me. Mama Lama and her pack would lay their ears back and the spitting would start. I ducked and I dodged the spit but often I walked back to the house covered in spit.  But last week was the last straw. Mama Lama pulled my cowgirl hat off my head and started chewing on it and then threw it down and stomped on it.

To say I was as mad as an “old wet hen” is an understatement. And I know all about hens too because they lived there too. And 1 evil rooster. He tried to kill me.  I was lounging on the porch with the hens and the guinea’s and out of nowhere he flew out from behind a tree and with his spurs he tried to take my head off. All I remember was he was backing up and those feet of his were flying toward my face. I was screaming, he was crowing, and it was total chaos.  If I had my way, he would have been in the frying pan that day.  But my Mom likes him, and she carries a stick outside, but I can’t carry more than my mouth can hold. 

Lucky for me my Mom and the rescue lady are good friends because I had had enough of Green Acres because it was not the life for me. I sat with Dr. Larsen and told her my story. She was sad that the farm animals where mean to me. But she told me I was beautiful and that made me feel better.  I am already spayed, had my vaccinations, and I am ready to go.  I am looking for a llama free,  rooster free, and potbellied pig free family.  I am 3 years old, and I love dogs and farm cats, kids, and people.  Send in an application for me, Ramona Lynn, you are going to love me!