Ramsey (Now Tucker)

Ramsey (Now Tucker)

Ramsey here, apologizing for being late with my adoption pictures! As you can tell, I was waiting for Santa to come see me and I got all caught up in the moment. But, here I am. I am the one on the left, the cutest one sitting in my mom Traci’s lap.

I have a smaller brother. His name is Willys and then I have a big sister, Molly B. She was adopted from Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue too. And I have a older brother, Scout. And that fella on the end who insists I dress like him is my new dad, Darren. I was not sure when I joined rescue what kind of family I wanted and when I found this one, I was so excited. They are huge Bulldog lovers. We go everywhere with them. We all dress alike. We wear coats and caps, and my sister wears dresses. This week, we are on vacation and we are learning to ski.

Thank you, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue, for finding me the coolest family out there.

Oh, and I have a new name too. It’s Tucker. My dad is a car fanatic and Tucker is something in the world of cars.

Please welcome Ramsey to our rescue family! He writes: I may be the youngest one to join rescue this year, and for sure I am the cutest! I am 12 weeks old and simply amazing! You may be wondering why I am here. Well, let me give you some facts. My other family thought my head bobbled or wobbled sometimes. I have been in rescue since Friday and so far, no one has seen me wobbling or bobbling. And let me tell you: I am tired of everyone staring at me!

Today, I heard I was going to the pumpkin patch. I thought I was going to be running wild! But NO… I had to sit in a chair with a pumpkin on my big toe so I could not get away. Let me tell you ~ I can run like the wind. But NO… I had to sit very still and say cheese for some pictures! Did you know I can cry like a baby? Yep, that’s right. I am a cry baby. I want to be picked up and I want to he held. I need a lap because I am a lap Bulldog. You may have noticed that I need a little eye work done. I intend to head to Dr. Larsen’s tomorrow because I heard she does eyes and she holds baby Bulldogs. So that is the perfect place for me.

That’s about all there is to know about me, Ramsey. I am a baby, I have to be held, I love laps, I run fast, and I need a whole lot of baby Bulldog spoiling.

11/15/18 Update:  This guy is a fun, feisty, fearless little puppy monster! His teeth are sharp, his 👅 is almost always just a little bit out, his head wobbles a bit and he is pretty much the cutest thing ever ❤️! He loves his big foster brothers and tries to be just like them. But after a little rough housing with his brothers, he gets tuckered out so likes to snuggle up to watch some 🏈 on foster papa’s lap.

This little guy just had round two of his shots and got his microchip. We’ll wait a bit before we do his double cheery eye surgery and neuter.

12/7/18 Update:  Guess what?! I had round 3 of my shots, and I am cleared to go to the Ugly Sweater party this weekend! I got a sweater, but it’s cute, not ugly. Will I see you there?

Things I like: I love to play with squeaky plush toys, chomp on things, cuddle on laps, take naps & play, wrestle, tackle other dogs! But, my most favoritest thing in the whole world…??? Is FOOD! I love it so much! My foster parents say I have a ‘VERY good nose to sniff food out!’ Maybe that makes up for my bad ‘selective hearing’ problems they talk about?! 😂🤷🏻‍

They tried to get me to pose for photos, but I don’t like to sit still, especially when you try to make me. I just like to do what I want to do – like try to share beds with my siblings & stuff.  That’s it for now! – Gordon Ramsey Tucker