Raven Rainey

Raven Rainey

Today, Raven”s wish came true. She has a forever home! Raven has waited five months for the perfect home. This beautiful girl has overcome some of her fears and Sara and Johnny are the perfect Bulldog-loving family to help Raven on her path to being the Bulldog she is meant to be. Raven left on her journey to Fort Worth to her life as an uptown girl in her beautiful condo. Raven will have a dog park and a Starbucks nearby for treats and to strutt her stuff. Raven will have a fur Bulldog sister, Tilly. Raven and Tilly have their own room and, being the only children in the house, will be spoiled with lots of love and attention. Raven loves to be touched and took to her Daddy right off. This was a bittersweet moment, as Raven has waited so patiently for her perfect family. Thank you, Sara and Johnny, for welcoming Raven into your home, and for all you do for the Bulldogs.

Please welcome Raven Rainy to our rescue family! She may be short, fat … and perfect in our eyes. Raven Rainy has left the family farm, moved to town and has given up the “having baby business!” Raven Rainy is very shy and unsure about a leash, but we know we can boost her self-confidence soon. Stay tuned for more details about her.

1/23/17 Update:  Raven has left the clinic after her spay and is enjoying a moment in the sunshine.  I do not know much about this sweet girl yet since she just came today.  Raven seems okay with other dogs but is a very fearful mill mama.  Everything and every sound is new to her.  She likes being outside but will retreat to her crate once she is inside the house.  She is a beautiful compact little girl.  Raven has a lot to learn about a life of freedom and will soon feel secure and become the bulldog she was born to be.

2/7/17 Update:  Raven is a huge fan of this beautiful weather we have been having. She loves to sit in the sun. Raven is still extremely shy and always looking around to see what might be lurking around corners. Raven is up for some love and petting though and will, in time, seek out affection. She sure doesn’t mind some petting from a 2-year-old. Raven mostly has free run of the house when we are at home, but she has her favorite spots she seeks out. Raven sleeps in her crate at night and does her business outside when let out on a regular schedule. Raven still requires coaxing to clean her food bowl. She will, however, polish off a bowl of frozen yogurt on her own. Raven is such a beautiful Bulldog and, with time and patience, her confidence will increase.

2/22/17 Update:  Raven has taken some tiny steps forward this past week. She has become interested in seeing her fur siblings getting petted and brushed. She will approach her foster mama for some touching too. Raven no longer sits by the fence, hanging her head when she is outside. She will play a bit and then wants back into the house. Raven is now eating out of her bowl, but she wants to eat alone with no one watching her. Raven is still figuring out little people. She must have not ever seen children and is still trying to figure out what they are and learn they will not hurt her. Raven is a beautiful girl and doesn’t mind her bath time. She likes the towel drying the best. This girl still has a long way to go to learn trust, but her sweet, loving and gentle personality is beginning to come out.

3/1/17 Update:  Raven looks great in green, but she is not so fond of wearing that color. Raven may get into the spirit as St. Paddy”s Day gets closer. Raven has made some baby steps in getting used to being in a home rather than an outdoor metal building with a run. Raven has gotten used to most of the everyday sounds, but she still looks furtively from side to side to make sure she is safe. Raven is nervous around small children and not quite trusting of men. She will now approach foster mama and wants to get in on the love and petting she sees the other Bulldogs getting. Raven no longer wants to stay outside by the fence. She wants back in the house and in one of the spots she frequents during the day. She has begun to perk up when she hears kitchen activity, but still prefers to eat away from the other dogs where no one can see her. Raven is always ready for her daily grooming (brushing, wrinkle cleaning, tail cleaning and nose butter). Raven is a beautiful girl with bright eyes and a shiny coat. With time, patience and love, her personality will shine too.

3/8/17 Update:  Another week, another small step for Raven.  Raven will now join the pack for love from foster mama.  However, Raven has yet to gain trust in other people and will run and hide. She has become interested in kitchen sounds but still prefers to eat in a private, secluded area with no one watching her.  Raven has picked her spot in the family room and there she stays unless she goes out, eats or is in her crate for bed.  She is very slowly discovering that a home is a pretty nice place to be compared to her prior accommodations.  Lots of work ahead for this girl to gain trust but she will in time. Raven is beautiful and foster mama reminds her every day how sweet and beautiful she is.

3/26/17 Update:  Raven had a great week. She actually ate in the kitchen and came in to see what was cooking for her bowl. She still did not want anyone to watch her while she ate, but even eating at the very edge of the kitchen is progress. Raven is still fearful of foster dad, which makes foster dad sad. He may remind her of a not so nice person in her past life. Raven will come to foster mama and wants to be loved on. Raven met a sweet family this past weekend and is going to meet the dad this weekend. They brought Raven a soft toy and some treats. Patience is the byword for this girl, but she is opening up a bit. Raven loves her very special flower collar and leash from P Dawg Accessories for Bulldogs. She has never had anything so nice and she felt very special. Many thanks to Erika and P Dawg for thinking of Raven. She loves it!

4/4/17 Update:  Foster girl Raven is still learning how it feels to be a safe, loved Bulldog. She has made a few moves to play with foster mom and foster sister. She is still wary of foster dad, which makes him sad. Raven is a sweet, gentle girl whose past still makes her fearful. She does not like to go for a walk on a leash and is terrified if she hears a car. Raven is fine going out in her fenced back yard, as long as nothing new is out there and the wind is not blowing and making things scary. Raven will chose one spot to sit and there she will stay. She loves her pink blanket. Lots of time and patience are in order to gain her trust fully so she can blossom.

4/22/17 Update:  She sits patiently every day knowing she is a sweet girl with lots of love to give. Raven is still working on her fears and getting used to being in a home. Patience and love are the keys to this girl’s heart.

4/27/17 Update:  Raven has ventured into the kitchen! This is a big step for this girl. Raven knows where the food is made and wants in on the action. She still mostly stays in her few chosen spots where she feels safe, but she is broadening her horizons a bit. Lots of love and patience for the prettiest little girl and she will blossom.

5/7/17 Update:  Foster girl Raven Rainey enjoying the sunshine.  Raven wants so much to be loved. Patience will pay off as this beautiful girl grows more trusting.  Some things are just worth the effort.

5/29/17 Update:  Raven is trying so hard to join in the outside activities and be the Bulldog she is meant to be. She really likes her fur siblings and wants to be like them. Raven knows she is a beautiful Bulldog girl and wants so much love. Time and patience with this girl… it’s rewarding to see her take some small steps in overcoming her fears.

6/4/17 Update:  Foster girl Raven enjoyed a break from the rain. She loves the sunshine. Raven is now coming into the kitchen with foster mom in hopes of getting a treat, just like her fur siblings. Raven mostly chills out during the day in her favorite spots, but she is up for some love and petting too. She likes her weekly bath, especially the part that involves getting rubbed with a fluffy towel. Raven doesn’t mind her daily grooming at all. She is a compact chunk… just the right size.